Saturday, 27 June 2009

Friday and Saturday

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Well here we go. I went back to work yesterday and already knew I was going to be busy. So get to work, I was right, had deliveries from day before to finish checking and the shop was quite brisk. Only had Claire and Myra. Rachel was in at 2pm and it was Ann's day off. Supermarket was busy as well and borrowed Myra when it got busy. I also had another couple of deliveries later on which I didn't get near. We just about got through Thrusdays boxes even though I didn't get them all away. I think we were all tired.

We all know what happenned Thursday night/Friday morning (Michael Jackson), so radio was totally just all about him. It did pale if you knew there was Iraqis dying and all we got was 1 talented musician dying (nothing against him).

Well finished work and got the bus home. Next I had some shopping to do. So walked down to Tesco with 4 bags. I had emptied my cupboards and freezer so I had the need of a big shop. I am glad to say thats what I did. Booked a taxi home (even though it only takes 5/10 minutes to walk down. I had filled my bags.

So got home with my taxi, did a bit on the computer then had money to give to somebody then had a few pints. I got my Hawiian pizza at my favourite shop in Cumnock and got a taxi home. I ate the pizza and went to bed. You can see from my karaoke post I did some "singing".

I wasnt feeling 100% when I got out of bed at 7am this morning. I could barely eat my cereal. So got the bus at 8.20am tried to find shoes I need to buy in Ayr (just bought Franz Ferdinand and ne-yo albums at HMV). Went into work.

All 5 of us were in today. We got through all the deliveries and it was a bit better. The shop looks good again. We are open 9-6 Saturday and Sunday and 9-5 Monday - Friday so thats why I started at 10am today and tomorrow.

I didn't get home until 7.30 so I missed most the Andy Murray game. The highlights we just got were a bit short. I could have been doing empties across in community centre but after knowing what time I would get home I said I couldnt (oh yeah and I aint really wanting another shift after todays shift).
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Friday, 26 June 2009


Did bad by michael jackson at karaoke because of last. Its been my original signature song since 90s when i started karaoke. Starstruck karaoke did the karaoke in tcs in cumnock.
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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Todays tennis at Wimbledon

WIMBLEDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 25:  Andy Murray of ...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Well after this mornings blog, I thought I had better put an answer on this evening after the matches at Wimbledon.

Elena Baltacha lost to Kristen Flipkens in 2 sets, she didn't seem to take the pressure on her very well after being the last women from the UK. It switched channels a few times.

Andy Murray definately felt good, firstly before the game he said that his opposition Ernests Gulbis criticism was mostly down to the British Press (which is usually true). He also enjoyed his letter from the queen congratulating him on winning Queens tournament a couple of weeks ago.

Then when the game started Murrays serve was briliant. He won the 1st set in under 30 minutes I think 6-2. The 2nd set was a lot closer. It stayed with serve until5-5 then finally Murray broke him. Murray won the next game and won the set 7-5.

The 3rd set started very well. Murray was 3-1 up in first few games. It just kept going and Andy Murray won the set and match 6-3. Andy had 1 match point (even not on his own serve).

So Andy Murray won 3 sets to nil in about 1 and a half hours.
It was a good quick game and should set him up very well.

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This morning

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Sorry but I just put on this morning.
Alan Carr is on, remember I enjoyed his new show Chatty Man on Channel 4. Well he just got interviewed my Phil and Fern. He did very well in the quiz. He is going to an Elton John white tie party later with David Walliams (who is on later). He is very funny. I even sent them a tweet (not that I think I will get a response.

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Wednesday and Thursday

The bookmakers in Auchinleck, they were putting in roller blinds on the front. So no more smashing windows I guess.

David is here but he doesn't want his photograph on here. We did have a large tea, 3 courses. After that I headed to Cumnock rugby club and I did some more work on the membership list. Yesterday I also sorted out buying tickets for 6 nations for 2010. I got all the detail fae Alex/Jim.

It also wasnt very good news that Nathan Hines was banned from 2nd Lions against South Africa test after being sites on Tuesday nights game.

Talking about Wimbledon Andy Murray is playing today and is the 3rd match again on centre court (1pm start on court).
Elena Baltacha (The other Brit/Scot remaining) is 2nd up on court 4 (Court starts at noon).

Tomorrow I am back at work.

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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Auchinleck 840am

Its not raining

Tuesday night

The 2005 Lions tour logoImage via Wikipedia

went to cousins in Cumnock (a 40 minute walk to his home) and watched British Lions vs Emerging Springboks. It ended as a 13-13 draw. We just made the wrong subsitutions (Vickery was brought on with 15 minutes to go (he was booed by our fans)). We were just ahead. We just let them The south africans get too close to our line towards the end of the game and we paid for it. We certinally need some luck for Saturday.
I also showed David my cousin this site.

I watched some of the Andy Murray game at wimbledon. I actually have the highlights on at the moment which I recorded earlier (Video) He was playing Kendrick (USA). Andy won 3 sets to 1.

The british media are over hyping andy at the moment, I hope he doesn't take it in.

I went to Cumnock rugby club next and told Alex (The president) he still hasnt sent me the new zip files to change the old cumnock rugby site. He said he had. I am guessing he just cant send it to that email address. I gave him my google one just there. He will try it tomorrow. Also spoke about a couple of other things that have happenned in the club including more fundraising.

Then I got home, sorted my new blog again (this one), I added a pic of my lunch this afternoon. I just spoke to a friend on messenger and came here after checking my emails/tweets.

My brother David is going to Loch Lomond tomorrow, then my mums for tea. I am going as well for tea.

Next I watched Chuck Episode 3 on Virgin 1 which I taped while I was out (after Today at Wimbledon).

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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Bookies in auchinleck

I hadnt even heard that the shop of Freddie Williams was closing and there is a skip outside it tonight.

Lunch today

Incase you cant see it, it was chips peas and burgers.
It was with cofeee, yum
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Monday, 22 June 2009

TV and stuff

Katy Perry (Credit to DdandD for pic)

Well first things first. John Bercow has become the speaker-elect of the house of commons. When I spoke to Brae Scotland on twitter she asked who wanted to be the new speaker, I said not Margaret Beckett.

She came in and said Stephen Fry. That would be the best. Unfortunately it was the MPs who were deciding who the speaker was.

I didn't watch much of the tennis at wimbledon but I know Federer won and the 15 year old girl won 1st set but lost the match.

I hope everyone out there has cancelled Sentanta as they have almost no football and will soon be in administration. SPL cancelled their deal with them today and ESPN will be taking the English premiership games they had. Sky will probably get the SPL games they said on news.

I promised last night I would talk about Top Gear and here it comes.
Michael Schumacher as "The Stig" they had just tested a Ferrari (who is a consultant for Ferrari). The end of the show was funny ofcourse (totally false but funny as The Stig knows that course as he teaches everybody). I even had a german ask me about Top Gear when Germany doesn't get our version of it. I got him the Topgear Youtube channel.

The lotus wasn't very powerful. The race was amazing. I thought Jeremy was going to win (even though as a topgear fan I really should cheer Captain slow winning, just doesn't feel right).

Next after a short break I watched Alan Carr on ChattyMan which was on Channel 4. Katy Perry was really good at singing and her dress was very nice. Samuel L Jackson was a great first guest and Ivana Trump wasn't bad, not great, but not bad.

I will definately be watching it again.

I missed Chuck last Tuesday, so I am going to watch it at 10pm tonight. Great fun.

I had also say that I found a few new (and old) people on twitter including a lovely Musician called Linda Hughes fae Cumnock Lindas twitter and Lindas myspace page

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Itunes and podcasts

Well I downloaded itunes on my computer last night and decided to download some podcasts I used to listen to.

The main feed was the Tartanpodcast

I listened to Tartanpodcast #122 first. Mark Hunter was talking to one of the team with The LaFontaines, they are a band from Motherwell. I actually saw them in Market Inn in Ayr back at the start of May I think, They were something new. Raping that style was briliant. It was very good to listen and see them and even better to hear them get their own tartanpodcast.

I have included their myspace link there.

Next I listened to #121. It was going back through his history a small bit. I really enjoyed this as well. As always Mark got some good tunes. I hope he is enjoying doing this at home now.

Next I listened to Sleepy Sunday #33, its the first time I have listened to this and it was quite good as well. Mark certinally is good at producing these. It was nice and short.

The last of the current Marks tartanpodcasts was a Sleepy Sunday #34. He was talking to somebody from Alabama and I was a bit worried when they started talking about church, they quickly moved from that. As most people realise when I am working I work almost every Sunday, so I don't really get to church much, but I don't like putting it on other peoples faces. The last 2 Sundays I was off I went to rugby ofcourse. Mark quickly moved from that and I enjoyed the rest of the conversation and other aspects of that podcast.

I hope Mark keeps these up. I don't really want to go anywhere near talking about my Sundays though.

Finally I listened to Social Media Podcast number #4 with Cliff Ravenscraft. It was very interesting. I dont think I will hear another one for a while since Mark has left that company, again Mark good luck in the future (and your family).

It gives me a few lessons on this, seeing as I am new at this blogging thing.

I was a lot better than the rubbish which is on the TV at the moment.

I have sent a few messages on twitter to Mark at his twitter address telling him what I think.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Past couple of days

Well I was at my parents Friday night so I could deliver Fathers Day presents.

Then spoke to Brian, Ann, Mum and dad (andy) about various stuff. We also talked about phones, weddings and stuff. I got the last bus home.

Then on Saturday Ann and me opened gift shop. Rachel came in at 10am. She wasn't well. Claire also started at ten.

It was an ok day and got through it. I watched Kevin and Perry go Large on ITV2.

I started at 9am this morning with Myra and Claire, it was another ok day.

I have watched some CNN this evening about Iran and the video of shooting of that woman. This is why we need the Iran Election sorted out.

Why is Iran hating us British as much as they are. I hope everything gets sorted there. I just aint sure if that will happen.

Just check this:- CNN Video

I am watching topgear now, so tell you about that later.