Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Big Issue @realmackaystv

On your blog John.

It is unconfirmed that it was Fox that got rid of Cheryl, not Simon on US X Factor. I dont really care if I see Cheryl on a talent programme. i can say she usually on gets hits when on these programmes. Other times she doesnt get to top of the charts. Cheryl isnt really my taste of music.

Cheryl appears to have decided not to do UK X Factor. Is she really worth £2 for a series which is reported what she was offered anyway (unless we get £800,000 from 40% tax).

The Voice is on the USA according to Wikipedia and youtube.

It could be a publicity stunt. I don't think it detracted from Scotty winning American Idol, a certain LA correspondent for Daybreak, Ross King said it didn't get much coverage in USA.