Friday, 25 May 2012

story on @tommybowe14 and Men In Black 3

Hello, well Tommy Bowe came yesterday and I was down quiet early. The team with Tommy wanted a photo with School of Rugby, which they got and somebody after the Q&A said I should get a photo. Tober took the photograph of me and Tommy on my phone after a quick lesson.
As I said in Instagram it was Tommy (me) and Tommybowe After that we were back at the club and I left club after 8pm. Unfortunately some of the senior players came down at 6pm, just after Tommy left. Today I collected my Kilt and gear for tomorrow (it was heavy) and I have been and seen Men In Black 3 at Kilmarnock. Will Smith in interviews was right about the end, I was surprised. Tonight is AGM for Micro/Mini/Midi so I am heading there soon. Hope you like this short blog. Bye for now.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

You know that last blog, well @tommybowe14 beat it

Hello guys, you remember you read a blog from me yesterday about this week in rugby, well on Monday that got overtaken completly. Cumnock RFC Article. On the Monday night at committee meeting we discussed Tommy Bowe coming to Cumnock Rugby Club coming THIS THURSDAY. So lets say after the meeting that night I drafted an email for distribution this morning and article for this event. I did facebook "Coming This Thursday to @cumnockrfc, @tommybowe14. I got texts, DM's, facebook messages from that much. After going to bed around midnight I got up this morning and just around 9am I got my final version which is on this link from Tober. This morning after that I did the usual twitter, facebook, email, intergrated message system on pitchero and printed some posters. After that I put my posters up for a small while today (and enjoying sunshine). So lets just say, I AM EXCITED ABOUT THURSDAY! So apologies to anybody else wanting the usual stuff I do on the internet, Martin, Michael and John, I am having far too much fun at the moment.

Monday, 21 May 2012

This coming week for me @cumnockRFC

Hello everyone, I know I usually don't do rugby too much here, but I am going to make an exception this time and tell you of what is happening around club for me the now, as the webmaster. Yesterday (Sunday) I went down to Irvine and watched our minis playing Irvine and Kilmarnock. I did the primary 4/5 Report as it was quickly arranged the format of games because of the number of players. Then I went back to Cumnock around 11pm and got back as the teams were leaving from s1/2 game. I have to thank them for not needing me during their game. I was then on bar until 8.20pm. I then went out and enjoyed Sonix a bit and seeing Katie, my niece. This morning I had all my match reports and I put them on line. I especially liked Parkie's Report and comments on the bottom. I have also emailed them all into Cumnock Chronicle now, so thats another deadline met. I really appreciate when coaches email me the reports quickly and not after 9am on Mondays, so cheers to Alan, David, Morton and Parkie for speeding sending. Now tonight I have last main committee meeting before Annual General Meeting, thats after Liz Smith's fitness class finishes (no I don't do it). Tomorrow I have somebody checking my boiler at home, so stuck in the morning. Still got the Royal Quiz at night though. Wednesday has a visit to Stuart with video. We also have a quiz in rugby club Wednesday night, which starts at 8.15pm and £150 can still be won. I keep on getting asked by the coaches to join their team, but I am staying with Rodger, Jim, Barclay and the rest of my team. Thursday I have my usual stuff to do in morning and evening more training at 6.30 and seeing as everyone starts then, I dont need to head down 5.45 on bus. Friday during the day is quiet but at night we have the Micro/Mini/Midi AGM in club at 7pm, followed by a committee meeting. Saturday during the day, we don't have any games for seniors (there finished for now) but at night is the Dinner Dance at Dumfries Arms, Tober (the president) is still selling tickets for it. I have hired a kilt from Kenny's in Cumnock for this. This also means I wont be going to Soundclash at TC's or Vendetta in The Sun. It also means as it's in the Dumfries Arms I will enjoy it, I know who top try scorer is (who gets a prize) is Campbell Reid as try scorers is my area (especially for website). Next Sunday there is training, phew! So thats why I say I am the webmaster of Cumnock RFC. Below is the QR Code for Cumnock RFC.