Thursday, 10 November 2011 Well a late night blog from me. Tuesdays lunch was good. I had muscles, I dont know why, but I did. Next I had a minute steak with fries. It was good as well. The coca cola is still £2.10 per bottle. I almost feel like buying a pint of beer, but I dont. Then I went back to Ayr and bought some Xmas presents and headed back on 5pm bus from Ayr to Cumnock via Drongan. As you may see up the top it is Stuart Walker funeral in Cumnock Thursday 11.30am and so we were talking about that. Thats the bus some of us met Stuart. I headed straight to Cumnock Rugby Club as I wasnt getting one bus 5.40 and getting another one 6.20. I just went straight there. After training and club stuff I went to quiz and was RUBBISH at play your cards right. I got 3 goes and never got past first line. It wasnt my day. I also saw someone win money from a amusement machine afetr someone told me not to play it (it wasnt a small amount). I also saw during the day that the heineken Cup was going to be in Glasgow Wednesday. So at 9.50am I went to Glasgow on bus. Went along to Greaves Sports in Gordon Street and held the Heineken Cup for a few seconds. Greaves took a photo (but they havent put it on facebook yet). I took a photo with my photo, which is above. I then went and bought more xmas presents while in Glasgow and headed back home for 2pm. Wednesday was turning out to be a good day after Tuesday not really being. I then watched some telly, got some new tunes from Spotify and headed down to Cumnock at 9pm. Double checked time tomorrow and then went and got a pint, the amusement machine won for me tonight. I am definately happy tonight. So that is about it. See you all soon.

Monday, 7 November 2011

The weekend

Hello, well I will start here: thats the fireworks I saw Sunday night in Cumnock at Murray Park at 6.30pm, if you follow me on twitter the grass had less people on it than at the roadside beside Caponacre. Right so I went to Isle of Mull on Saturday with Cumnock RFC. The Oban fireworks was the night before, so we couldnt miss them. Cumnocks fireworks were 30 minutes but I wasnt filming that much, I wanted to enjoy them. I aint going to talk result. Today I took a trip down to ENGLAND, Carlisle. The BBC Look North children in need calendar is for sale and Paul Mooney was selling them in centre of Carlisle, so I headed down on train to buy 1 from Auchinleck.
Now I think Paul is about 5ft 8, 5ft 10in. I am 6ft 3 so I had a height advantage, I am the bloke that came from Auchinleck in Ayrshire, if he can remember big 30 something me. I forgot to get a picture with him. So if I can travel to Carlisle then probably the rest of you can buy one online at this link. Right thats the sale pitch over. I also took a few photos when I was in Carlisle
and now we are home. Now tonight is my mini/midi committee meeting at 7pm, so I had better disapear, tomorrow I am away to Prestwick, after watching WWE Raw.