Saturday, 7 August 2010

The lafontaines 2

The LaFontaines

I am sorry for the pictures, they looked better when I took them. A good crowd had arrived by this point, just over 50 and the guys got to rap all night. It was the usual mix and really enjoyed it.

The Symptoms - Auchinleck Festival

First band up. They are from Kilmarnock. They do original songs and some covers but they are quite loud, which is good. They do use bebo and myspace. The guys are definately worth checking out.

Saturday 7th August

Well another Saturday has come. This week has been fairly quite. I just kept myself busy with Cumnock RFC website. Pitchero loaded in the scottish reserve leagues (2nds) so I could add them. I decided after talking to friend NOT to head to Clydebank 10s as I wasn't sure (and I have something on tonight). I have also THANK YOU PLAYERS for memberships to add. I paid mine a few weeks ago. I also had a bit of work to do on mini/midi registration day.

On the other front I have received my buspass, which is making life easier. Also with a bus through Backrogerton (the area of town I live in) that helps as well. My INR was fine on Thursday so I aint there for a few weeks but I have a ECG 24 hour recording next week. My sleep until last night had got better after coming back from Sally's.

The Auchinleck Festival started last night with the Macdonald Brothers. I know some people had a good night with seeing people pass after 2am on their way home. I didn't go to community centre to see them. The LaFontaines are on The Railway Hotel tonight and I am looking forward to it. Depending on how I feel tomorrow I may go down and watch The Ghosties at Talbot Park.

I hope you all have a good weekend!
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Monday, 2 August 2010

Glasgow Thistles Sports Club

Bouncy castle with Alex & Sally

I was at my sisters in Leven, Fife for Xander's 2nd birthday party. I got there Friday night.

I went on Saturday with Richard to Dunfermline to watch The A Team. Some of the action in that movie is amazing, its not just a copy of TV series which some of us will remember.

On Sunday we had Richard +1, David, Xander Sally's boys. We had Alex, David, Terri, Sally, Mum Isabel, Andy, me all there.

It was very busy. Mum and Andy had done all the food and you can see the bouncy castle above.

It was a good party and we left Monday morning and now I am home. I have even just had a snooze.
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