Wednesday, 28 September 2011

It's Wednesday again, this one is going to be long.

Hello guys, how are we all doing. Its been another bus'ish week for me.

Wednesday afternoon lunch was good, but it wasn't cheap at Elliots in Prestwick. Usually I eat my dinner in about 5 minutes. When I go for lunch with Frank we spend 2 hours there. Wait time was ok but no menus were on the table. The mushroom soup I was was good temperature. About 7/10.

I then hadsome pasta which didn't look much at first. It actually was. I din't add chicken to it but was still good. 8/10. The staff asked if we wanted a sweet, we said no but had coffee. It when I saw the price and my mates confirming that was expensive which maybe put me off. I don't think I will pick to go back to Elliots.

I came back to Cumnock that night and my team lost the quiz. There was only 2 teams there.

Thursday I was down in club in morning and that went smoothly. I also watched some telly that afternoon. Went to the training as usual and spoke to all the usual people I speak to.

Friday I was busy in Cumnock in the morning and had fun at night as Blair has moved to TC's Bar after The Sun Inn changing over.

Saturday wasn't the usual Saturday. I watched England game of rugby world cup and they played very well. I am not an england supporter, but I had to admit that. I then headed to Ayr (during New Zealand game). I bought some clothes which seemed fine and a card for my dads 75th Birthday. My mum phoned me at 10.45 when I got my breakfast in Ayr (I only had a coffee when I got up that morning).

I then got 11am bus home to Auchinleck, only 1 problem I had card and present and wrapping paper but NO selotape as I discovered when I tried to wrap it. So I headed food shopping and got sellotape there as well. I got home about 1250, watched some football on Sky and SAT DOWN.

After 2pm I got a bath and got ready. Now most of the family had been invited to a birthday party. Now understand I didn't pick who went and who or not to tell about it. You will understand shortly why I typed that.

I headed down to Cumnock, corrected mistakes on televisions and headed to Lochside House Hotel. I took a number of photos on my phone, but sorry they aint going here. Its upto the person I photographed to request them on here!

The food was well presented. I had the scotch Broth which was quite good. 7/10 Now my family think I am turning slightly into a food critic. I couldn't possibly comment! I then had Haddock (which was ok) 7/10 with Frozen based chips, which wernt too warm (4/10) with salad. Overall it was 5/10. I can't fault the presentation though. I then had sticky Toffee Pudding. Great temperature, well presented 8.5/10. Overall it was quite good but I am picky when it comes to chips.

We went back to mums for a few hours and I headed down to TCs and lsitened to DJ Jon which was great as always.

Now Sunday, I got up for Scotland game, but someone had been informed about the party and they were not pleased, to put it politely, so between 8.30-9.30am my phone rang 4 times, people asked what I was doing and I said TRYING TO WATCH THE RUGBY. What i could see Scotland were still making mistakes and as we all know it did cost us in the end.

I then headed down to Micro Rugby at the club, to serve coffees and teas and cans of juice. There was a game planned in afternoon but that was cut short. I headed home and relaxed. Monday was a quite day for rugby (phew). I had most of my reports the Sunday night, which is when I posted them. I watched lots of telly and took quite a number of caps including

Tuesday was a bit busier. Got up watched WWE Raw and thought, usual, usual.

Then headed to CHIP appointment and that went fine. No hard questions. They are at Visions next Thursday 6th October.

Next got down and gave Stuart and family tape (hello). Did my usual messages next and headed home for midday. Then I started on World Cup Breakfast this weekend including poster and emails.

Headed back to Cumnock and went to Visions Gym. That was fun. Headed across to club and helped Bobby sort out drains. I have a poster to do to make people put nothing down those sinks. I DID NOT LIKE THAT IT.

Headed home and had dinner before heading back down for training. Lats night The Plamphs won the quiz after beating Sangria in tiebreaker. After that headed across to TCS and chilled. It had been a long day.

This morning woke up at 7.20am and have been busy as you can see at the top capping Wendy Hurrell.

I told you this would be a long blog, but I needed to do this one. At this point I would normally put some more music on, but the LaFontaines have no more clean videos I can use, so try this one.