Monday, 1 August 2011

Well, the trip to Sally's

Well after my last blog, nobody answered where I should go. We decided to go to Glasgow. After a quick trip to Hamleys for Richard, Sally to get stuff for Xander we got the stuff away and went to Captain America. It was 5/10. I cant say there was much wrong with it, but it wasn't great. Its only average. Someone else paid for it, but I wouldn't have went if I was paying for it myself. We then came back from Glasgow and got back around 7pm.

On Sunday I had a lie in, getting up around 10am. I went for a walk in the morning, just to chill with myself (remember I stay myself at home). I did just about chill out until my mum phoned me saying the birthday boy was up and everyone was getting ready, only problem was I was still chilling so I took my time to come back to sisters. I arrived after 1pm and the aforementioned nephew had went back to sleep, so there wasnt much happening.

One of the other problems I have there is "even google" wouldn't work outdoors. I wasnt pleased. As most of you know I use O2 and according to its Network coverage checker all the services should work (they dont).

Atleast I heard some good tunes from Kingdom FM on my walk.

So we had a good party after Xander got a chance to wake up. As usual I didn't go on the bouncy castle.

I got up after 730 this morning and got home about 1230. The water not working hasn't affected me as far as I can see. Tonight I have a meeting at Cumnock RFC for a mini midi committee meeting. Since I got home I have watched WWE Smackdown.

I hope you all have a good week.