Friday, 28 August 2009

For jen mcginley

Jen mcginley westfm and twitter user wants to see me smile as part of her #followfriday mention, trouble is I didn't have one, this is the best i can do on demand.

What a day today.

Well what a few days, on Monday I thought I could have done my rota from tomorrow. I was wrong.
My A team are still in tact thank god.
Now after yesterdays news I have to do backshift (supervisor) in Essentials once a week along with trying to give holidays out, the idea is though it is suppose to be very quiet. It doesnt feel like that in the past two days. Tuesday was ok as I did the till on Tuesday night in Essentials and got last bus at 8.15pm. Next Monday I am 2pm - 10pm followed by 9am Tuesday morning, I think I am going to be tired. Oh yeah and a head office visit tuesday as well.

I digress, this morning me and ann worked till and didn't stop and could only put Cameron on till when it went quiet around 11.30am, I went for lunch at 1pm and tried to work on rota (I went back down 2pm).

I firstly had to see what day somebody wanted off, it's Monday, so I had me doing a 9am - 10pm shift apart from the problem of 4-5pm where there was no supervisor in essentials. It didn't work.
I got the staff sorted in Treasures and checked it was ok, it was, thankyou ANN. I could be busy Tuesday morning as well before I open. Then got the fixed days done. I tried to do it in Essentials but it was Ann helps we could sort it. It was doing my head in. Then went right I am off Thursday and that sorted it and I could finish the rota. I made the decision and it worked. End of the day was suppose to be quiet, but it wasn't. I have somebody working until 3pm and then only 2 of us and if we don't get cleaning done before closing time, I do cleaning after doors close (unpaid).

Good news, I have my dayshift for next Friday so Oneills in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. I am coming and my rockaoke tune has been tested and works.

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follow Friday

This lovely twitterer illiswerryguy has put me and a few others on this #followfriday Video. Enjoy.

Just out

Its raining again

Maybe this make it quite today.

Thursday, 27 August 2009


Empty, I left The Sun for this. I got last bus home for this. The Railway Hotel was very quiet.

The sun 2

Here is a better picture from my phone of The Sun, The Square, Cumnock

The sun, cumnock

View Larger Map

I made a tweet for that I needed to do some ornathology study. This was The Sun Inn, The Square, Cumnock, Ayrshire at this was karaoke night. There was a birthday party down the bottom of the pub, as you can see it was quiet busy.

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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Train to glasgow and Harry Potter.

Left auchinleck and paid ticket. 130 glasgow.

Well after this I havent been able to add via my mobile. Signal seems to be non existant in Glasgow almost. I am in an internet cafe at the moment.

I went and saw Harry Potter and the half blood prince.It wasnt good.I was expecting some big fights, it didn't happen. Biggest thing was Harry, Hermoine and Ron and other girls. Not good.

Then I went to find Oneills in Sauchilhall street, its 15 minutes walk from Glasgow Central Train Station after Glasgow dental school. I found it, look out next Friday.

Now I am waiting for next train to Auchinleck which is 8pm.

Alsothis morning before I lefthome I am trying to promote a #ayrshiremafia on twitter. If you are Ayrshire, join us.

Thanks to Craig McGill for almost daring us to do more when he didn't appear in top 50 scottish twitter users.

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457 Sauchilhall street, glasgow.

Right after deciding I wanted to go next Friday, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to find out how far away it is. It is about 10 minutes walk from Cineworld, you pass Glasgow Dental School and ABC which I had been to before. It will probabbly be easier he taxi there. The pub itself is quite large, I think the band may be set up at the back. There is posters in the window. Also when walking down there is no sign coming out to show where it is.

The toilets are downstairs in the pub.

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Going into glasgow central

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Hello its Tuesday 25th August 11.30pm

London-kirstyImage by trobertc via Flickr

Hello everyone out there, what a couple of days. One of the supermarket staff was sacked and that has made work interesting again. I had claire go up to essentials last night and it was ann and me with cameron coming down later. Mr and ann had a busy morning. Steve even shouted to talk to us and got I am on a till and so is Ann.

We got most of the stuff done. I hoovered the carpet this morning as this was the first time since June we opened at 10am. Cameron was down with me at 9am and got a bit done. Steve then just before 11am said for me to go away and come back at 2pm. We had another trainee with Ann, Myra and Cameron, so lots of staff for most of the day.

I decided to head into Ayr with my zone 3 megarider (unlimited journeys)ticket. I went to KFC at heathfield and had a big Daddy meal. I was actually full after this. I had better say hello to weeyin13 on twitter who I tweet on the bus round Ayr. I went to Asda and headed back to the centre of ayr. I got back to work at 2pm and did a few things. A member of staff came to buy things at 8.01pm and we just waved. I had a bus to catch at 8.15pm from reception. No chance.

I came home and I watched Chuck on Virgin 1 (in 3d). I am now tired and heading to bed.

I also have created a plan for next Friday. Rockaoke is on in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow in Oneills. I havent seen Kirsty Crawford in ages even though Kirsty doesn't do the singing. I have looked at the website and the songlist and there is some songs there I do at karaoke. I have a plan.

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