Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Its Wednesday 10th July

Well I havent been doing much telly stuff the now. I was doing quite a lot of watching telly with Lions winning and Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, this photo is the day after Andy won US Open. So as some of you may know I am 40 years old in December and I am going to have a birthday party. I never had a 18th, 21st, 30th so I decided I wanted a 40th. Now if I invited everyone I knew I could fill Cumnock Town Hall, unfortunately I decided years ago I was going to hold it in Cumnock Rugby Club. This means I can't invite everyone I know. Well, where else would I hold it. What does it say at the top of this blog "I am the Webmaster of Cumnock Rugby club, among other things". I learned from my house-warming last year when my house was full with 20 people which people I needed to invite, so for those who get an invite, well done. You didn't get prunned. The amount of times I have had to prune is amazing already. Its not I think less of you who don't get invited, but I couldn't invite you, even people I know in rugby club didn't get invited. So yesterday I sent some of them by post, others today I gave out to the local family and this is how I took this video. On another subject I do note however one of my favourite Bands are doing T in The park, The Lafontaines I remember within a month of getting out of hospital about July 2010 I went and saw the lafontaines again. I am also glad to see Laura Boyd will be interviewing them. There is already a bit on T In the Park on STV WebsiteThey are on BBC Introducing Stage. Good luck to the guys, but they probably don't need it. Tonight is Twitayr and Friday I have AGM of club.