Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Telly blog from Wednesday 6th November

Hello again, yesterday you may have seen some Jane Lewis caps including this one. Now I made this my header on twitter with Rhona Mcleod my background. Now my last background, nobody said anything about, but within minutes I had the real Mackay himself, John Mackay saying "Oh Thomas, Thomas, what have you done?" I explained about seeing Reporting Scotland and capping this. You have to remember as people who listen to Fatbuzz Social Media Podcast would know (like me), Jane has moved from STV to BBC. Jane replied to this "Ignore him Thomas - J-Mac is just jealous! Thanks for your compliment. Very nice of you ;-)". So Jane you are very welcome, but I decided to try and cap some STV. Problem is my AVG is detecting a scrypt on STV player and wont show anything so I went to youtube. So for parity I have done John Mackay on Scotland Tonight Monday and I didnt put politician in as there bad for cappers (I still hope Martin fae London is OK). For added measure I got some Kirsty Malcolm So John black can look good, right, even on me (I knew I looked bad yesterday). Final set of caps are Wendy Hurrell from BBC London this morning, normally my caps are away from desk and full length if possible, but I forgot about her smile, so I did some from today. I am saying thank you to John, Jane, Stuart, Claire, century and Lotty Leeming with new hair. Last night club was its usual long time and I missed start of quiz and my team had won play your cards right, I was happy for the team but not for being late. Thats not what I thought at the time. I have been listening to Armin Van Buren Radio Top 20 for September-November which I am enjoying.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Video blog and Reporting Scotland

Thats the video blog I did today, talking about wwe, scotland team, the Lone Ranger, Kilmarnock and other stuff. Last night after my meeting I checked my usual sky+ recording of BBC Reporting Scotland and all the lady presenters on set were all wearing black, so I decided to do some capping (you don't normally get Jane Lewis and Rhona Mcleod on same night). Brian Taylor and Christopher Blanchett were also wearing black, but I didn't cap them. Jane Lewis Just for note, like over 100,000 I applied and got rugby 7s tickets for commonwealth games, and no I didn't expect any special treatment because I am with Cumnock Rugby Club. I found that quite fair. Rhona Mcleod