Friday, 31 December 2010

Ian and Rachael

This is Ian with Rachael singing. If anyone has photos of Ian doing this song, Ian is looking for them. I was too busy videoing this to take photos as well and I know Ian can't delete this off my profile (I already posted this video on his wall and he has deleted it).

Monday, 27 December 2010

Vendetta Scotland Pictures

As well as the youtube videos I took Friday night, I did take some pictures as well I hope you like them.

The sun inn

This one is from Sunday night where karaoke was on.

Vendetta Scotland

and the other one.

Vendetta Scotland tries

The sound went on this one, I wish I knew why. Any experts out there explain why a iphone 3gs would do that. Was I too close to speakers?

Merry Xmas everyone

Here comes some of this weekends videos

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Xmas,#followfriday and the past week

Hello guys and girls I hope I find you all well today.

I promised a blog a while ago with pictures from fife. Well as you can see there is some.

On the Friday I went upto Glasgow. I missed the accident at Buchanan Bus Station. I put my suitcase in left luggage £6 and headed to hear good band outside @glasgowshopping then I headed for Glasgow Science Centre. I went to see Tron Legacy 3d. I gave it 7/10. I wasnt really surprised with the storyline and it was my first 3d movie and the graphics are something else. I wouldnt see it 2d though.

Then my sister phoned me whens the next bus when I am walking through Sauchiehall Street. I was a bit busy watching where I was walking so she told me 4.50pm to Leven.

So got the bus and taxi'd upto my sisters from centre of town/village.

The family sang Happy Birthday. That day I had around 40 messages on facebook saying happy birthday (it kept my phone busy) so thank you to you all.

Next morning I headed into Leven, got some breakfast and relaxed in the morning. At 12.30 I started to get ready. It took to about 1.30 to finish it. We headed to registry office in the car and Xander didnt want to stand still, ofcourse.

The service went fairly well apart from registrar being nervous, but thats allowed. I was a true scotsman but didnt stand outside very long atall. Not when it got into positive territory in temperatures.

We back back to house and I just sat about for a long time.

That night when Xander was away to bed I watched the weather and saw Fife was going to get bad with even more snow so though I had better get out of fife sooner, rather than later. I said the next morning what I was doing to the rest of them and we all decided to come back to Ayrshire (5 of us). We went to Glenrothes. Now we supposedly had 55 minutes inbetween buses going to Glasgow. We had 5 minutes left. I had Kingdomfm on (some of the time) and updated on their page of the weather as people were asking about buses.

We then still had a bit of snow coming down home but not the amount in fife.

I got off bus my usual 100 yards from bus stop and had post to deal with.

Everything appeared ok in the house, I had a bath and went to Cumnock.

On Monday I got up and watched wwe stuff. Unfortunately a pipe burst in the kitchen washing machine and had filled the sink. I reported it to the @eastayrshire, they fixed in Tuesday afternoon. I created Cumnock RFC a twitter address as pitchero were asking for facebook and twitter pages for the clubs. I will strictly only put Cumnock RFC News on there. So far only 14 followers including @hamiltonBulls thank you to all you out there on Monday who followed it, but does anyone else want to.

Tuesday was good in evening as "the plamphs" won open the envelope (£10 each) and I picked the envelope at the Royal Hotel.

I notice the SunInnCumnock is developing a website that they still have development signs on. I personally wouldn't be advertising it without it being ready for launch.

Wednesday I got karaoke machine going in rugby club. Thursday I was at each for blood test. It went well. Unfortunately later I didnt feel great and had to tell David not to come in incase I give him anything. I didnt even have dinner with my team.

I ate later and felt fine.

I also listened to Social Media Podcast 29 which I really enjoyed. Maybe Willie Walsh should start using tweetdeck so he can get information out. I dont think ipad with sell 2 million a month. I also dont get phone coverage on m77 around Glasgow city centre as well. Lynseys story was the best last night.

So now we are at today which means #followfriday.

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Oh yeah and merry christmas when you celebrate it.

Friday, 17 December 2010

hello, it's Friday 17th December 2010

Its a quick one from me today. Thank you for all the birthday messages. All much appreciated even though I havent unplugged my iphone from the charger incase it drains it. I have responded to all the facebook wall posts. I felt myself saying cheers and thank you a lot. It is all appreciated.

Right 2pm, I am going to see Tron Legacy at Glasgow Science Centre. I hope STV News dont send Louise out today (or John). I had better thank Craig McGill and Iain Hepburn for getting me to the preview in the first place via the thumbcast. Ill listen to your last podcast on the bus to Glasgow.

After that it's head for Fife. My car badge is in my suitcase (and I aint taking that to IMAX, the suitcase).

Sally and Alex for any of you out there is renewing her wedding vows. A whole load of the family is going. I have a kilt hired and its in the suitcase as well. So are all the fife Christmas presents (sorry Brae, I didnt have space for yours).

The renewal is Saturday, Sunday is a relaxing day (I hope) and Monday I come back for a committee meeting at night at the rugby after I hope they have 1. games, 2. a successful raffle and 3. Stuff to prepare for. I just hope someone takes pictures as well as I aint here. My money is on Stella to win the apprentice and Kara maybe for Strictly. Thats down to the showdance. I am also getting TLC this weekend.

Ive even sorted out my East Ayrshire team today with everyone knowing whats happening (i'm even keeping my heating on at home while I am away).

So you guys and girls have a great weekend. Heres hope we all will.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Update time

Hello everyone just a quick blog today.

Last Friday I had not a lot to my name. On the Saturday I expected about £240 in the bank. You will all remember my good news from last week but this changed a few things.

I moved into a different category which meant I didn't need a doctors line and it gave a difference in the benefit I get. This was backdated the change. Suddenly I am checking my balance on the phone and think what is this for. So I headed to bank in Ayr that was open Saturday to see what the payment was for. I got there 10am went into branch and got the detail I needed as the post that was sent 1st December hadn't been here.

So I decided after confirming what it was to do some Christmas shopping. I had done some planning already who and what I was getting although I forgot to pick up the sheet. I was also glad there was no frost in Ayr. I went to boots, got a lot of people. I was thinking about Carol and her present and I saw her. That was fun. I told her what had happened. She was pleased. After she disappeared I got her present.

After that I bought some cards and went home. I was home for midday.

I had phoned my sister Sally and sorted out what was happening and I got a kilt hired for Sally's renewal of wedding vows from Kennys of Cumnock. I have finished my christmas shopping.

Saturday night I had fun, lets say no more. Mary was the worst singer on Xfactor last week. I still like Matt and Rebecca. I have discovered Yeo Valley (the advert) is releasing a single on itunes. I might buy it. I did buy Take Thats album. I was honestly expecting better.

I am also glad Ann Widdecombe is out of Strictly.

Sunday wasn't bad. Harry Reilly the mini/midi president had is birthday that day. I saw him that day. I even took a youtube video to show all the people in the gym how to keep it clean.

My cousin Davids birthday was Saturday but I got dinner on Sunday and watched some football at his bit after I had visited Mum and Andy.

Monday I was out in the morning. I am glad I went out early because the constant freezing hasn't helped getting around. Pavements arent getting gritted.

I just caught up with telly as a meeting was cancelled in the evening.

Yesterday I just went down to Cumnock again after watching WWE Raw from night before.

I was at the quiz last night as well. The Plamphs won (us). Not that I got to give many answers.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Cumnock pictures from today, Thursday 2 December

Yesterday I was asked for Cumnock pictures.

The roads are definately getting gritted as you can see from the pictures I took today.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


This hasn't been too bad a week. I know the East coast of Scotland has had a lot of snow. Well done to Tour Scotland showing whats happening around here (including getting me to take pictures when I had just started my dinner tonight, I turned it off).
, good
I got the email from o2 saying your phone bill is there. After 2/3 minutes of not being able to login I got to my screen. I had to pay a deposit for my iphone and December is when I get it back. So it was covered my mobile bill. Thats good. With the news on esa this week, thats a good week.

I also get my Christmas bonus next week.

Thursday it's physio at noon. The apprentice wasn't bad tonight, I thouoght the boys would lose, but they were great negotiators. Laura had to go out the girls.

Sunday has now been cleared as the mini rugby isn't at Cumnock Academy Astroturf on now. I hope you are all getting ready for christmas, still got a bit to do.

Monday, 29 November 2010

William Farrell Soundcloud

I like this stuff, how about you guys.

Sweet Dreams by william farrell

Back together by william farrell

Truth by william farrell

The settler by william farrell

Good news

I just got my post.

As some of you out there know I am on Employment Support Allowance and I had an assessment which said nothing was stopping me working. My comment to that is rubbish! There is plenty of established medical facts that show different.

Now I appealed that decision with my team from East Ayrshire and other agencies and I got the news today in the post the decision has been changed in my favour and no independent tribunal will be held.

Thank you to all the people out there that have and continue to help me, you know I don't list you for confidentiality.

Thats good news, I've cheered many times since I got this post, all myself.

Addicted to love

Right, this is me "singing" to Addicted to Love which Wagner did on Xfactor. I know I don't sing, I generally shout, maybe entertain, some people think so.

Before this someone had asked me to sing It's Chico Time and they got me a pint for doing it. That was fun, even with my slant on it.

Friday, 26 November 2010

yeah that was the only joke

Well how are we all, I did follow fridays for the following people on twitter, I aint hyperlinking today for these.

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Wednesday I didn't do much, watched Rangers V Man Utd. I didn't really enjoy it that much but you can guess why. It was a penalty though for the bad challenge. I am glad STV did show it as well with their own commentators. On other TV matters, I am glad I have been catching lots of weather.

I then watched The Apprentice with Lord Sugar. There was definately a bromance going on there, but THEY should have taken earlier appointment. It wasn't great. I think one of the women will win, none of the boys inspire me.

I am still watching House as well. I enjoyed it, but the storyline has definately changed since the start of the series. I caught up on Stargate Universe as well after a few weeks. It is still good and the story is getting better. The producers probably know what they are doing though, that franchise has been going for a while.

Dancing with the stars, how did Brandy go out, she was an excellent dancer (probably public fanbase). The final is on UK TV tonight so any americans out there (that appears on my stats) dont tell me the result.

Also to the Americans, I hope you enjoyed thanksgiving yesterday. Dallas nearly made it last night.

Yesterday I was at Each, had blood done, back in 2 weeks. Next read paper and waited for a talk from the physio Dept. It was good and I am enjoying the exercise.

I got home had some chicken (bit bits) with herbs on top. Next I checked the Cumnock RFC Website and saw Jim Morton's entry on rearranged 2nd XV league games. Grrr. It's on us and GHA Gazelles that got penalised for cancelling games, the rest got rescheduled. I hope it's warm by January/February, never mind its during 6 nations the new dates.

So that took me to about 7pm to resort a couple of websites and spreadsheet. Then I told the coaches.

I did an audioboo of Ian at Karaoke last night


So thats about it, Cumnock RFC is playing tomorrow (weather permitting) at midday, so today will be quiet (hopefully).

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My past week.

Hello everyone how are we all.

Well lets talk about whats been happening.

I tried to make during the week fairly quite.
Tuesday I went down to Cumnock to talk to friends during day and give over @wwe over. It helps there is a bus at 10.55 behind my house and I'm at that bit of Cumnock by 11.30 so that is good.

I didn't have too much to deal with after mini-midi meeting so not too long on pc that day.
Wednesday was fairly quite as well, just keep on trying to catch up what I am recording (which is a battle at the moment). I still have all the free movies weekend movies to watch. I am at 65% free at the moment.

Thursday I was busy, I got my ticket for Scotland vs New Zealand for this Saturday. I had each as well including a new physio class. It was alright apart from my lack of balance (which I am told is normal at start of class).

Friday is when the BBC Strike started. I kept checking through the day what the bbc channels were doing. 5 minute news meant I had to do a lot of quick flicking in a short time.

I gave John Mackay of STV News a #followfriday and he gave me one back as he watches me meander through life. I was quite surprised at that comment.

Saturday was rugby day. GHA Gazelles cancelled the game up there for 2nd team Saturday morning due to waterlogging so that left the 1st xv and a game against Millbrae.

The Cumnock team got beat, but at least the games on Sunday went fairly well.

On Saturday night I headed to Mauchline and saw Vendetta Scotland.
The band were ace. It was a fairly good night and the last bus being 1140 is an improvement on Cumnock when it's 1055. You don't feel as if your leaving early, like you do feel at Cumnock.

Sunday me and Ian went to WWE smackdown at Braehead. That was fun. There was some good matches and John Macintyre from ayrshire was ace. I like the Big Show has ate Haggis.


So a good time was held by all.

Yesterday was rugby website day. Pitchero have a version 2 out and it went live yesterday morning. I have had a few issues with the new version which kept me on pc most of Monday morning and my phone is beeping a lot with email notifications and I had to go back later in the day as well. I switched off new mail beep when I went to bed last night.

Now I am going to try and get opinions on what our club members think about Pitchero Version 2, through initially this week.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Monday, 1 November 2010

My past weekend

Well above is some photos I took over the weekend.

On Saturday I didn't head for rugby I had other plans. I had heard an advert on radio about a shop doing half price for halloween outfits.

I headed to Ayr and got there about 1230. Ayr Races was on the same day but as you can see from the pics the car park wasn't full yet when I passed, but traffic was busy around there.

I got an outfit for £10 so I was quite happy. Next once I worked out where to get lunch I enjoyed it.

I headed to Rabbies Bar in Burns Statue Square for the Butlins reunion. Met some people I knew already and lots I didn't really know. It was good fun but I knew I had halloween parties in Cumnock at night when some more people were arriving I knew. It was still good to be there.

I headed home, got changed into my Scream suit. Trouble with that suit is that the eye holes were really small and when I removed the mask my glasses steamed up, so I wore it on my head most of the night.

I headed down to rugby club for 7pm for 1st halloween party and started on Irn Bru. I did some talking to mates and found out about how the senior teams did (both lost). I got a report from Bobby verbally and I sent it to the Cumnock Chronicle for him Sunday (audioboo does have it's uses but I don't tend to publish that audioboo).

It was about 9pm I left to go to Royal Hotel and Cancer Research Halloween Party, organised by David Kerr. It's was good fun, saw lots of mates.

On Sunday I watched some telly in morning from my planner. I even watched Newcastle hammer Sunderland. I tweeted into Fanzone talking about Bardsley before Newcastle was scoring goals for fun. They called me a "Sunderland Fan", maybe I should have tweeted in a Rangers Fan. I was texting my cousin who supports Newcastle and Rangers who agreed with me. I still felt sorry for the Sunderland commentator on Fanzone having to stay there.

So on media I got mentions on Scrum V fanscene Scarlets vs Glasgow (I didnt like that full back), Colin Mcardle on Snorkel Bingo on West FM Saturday morning and Fanzone on Sky, Sunday. Not bad for a weekend.

I headed back down to club Sunday night to get list of players from Saturday game and afterwards I went upto Sun Inn and got my photo of staff in their costumes. Only thing I didn't like was not getting up as the pub was busy.

I came home and thank fully found all the teams playing Sunday won and played well which is more important as I have mini/midi committee meeting tonight and I have gas check tomorrow, great.

I also got told on twitter my blog was cool by Alexander Jones, thats the first time that's happenned, so thank you.