Monday, 17 March 2014

Well, away to Cardiff

As I had said before I was going to Cardiff for Wales V Scotland in 6 nations.

I got the megabus gold at Glasgow when it got there 10.40pm. I didn't take a bag. Just me In Scotland shirt, jumper, trousers and shoes plus jacket. I knew it was bunks but not everything.

That photo is after I got in. I had a gap that was shorter than my arm to get my legs in until I got help to move some of the net. Then I get my jacket over on right. You have to face the way your travelling. Behind me is a gap after the bunk is finished. You get a small pillow. You get eye mask. I plug earplugs in to try and sleep. As usual the wifi doesn't work but still listen to music. It took me until about 1am to get to sleep. The bus has stopped at 2am (no you don't get out). I try to go to toilet via going down other end of bunk. It was locked. When I get back in I lose pillow, bad mistake. I don't fall asleep again to 3am. We're at Birmingham 4am and get pillow back and I sleep to 6am when were near Cardiff (and woke up. We get out and I go for walk. Here are some photos
I then find a bar that serves breakfast from 7.00 and I get bacon roll and coffee. At this point I have decided I ain't getting megabus back up to Glasgow at midnight. I get that sorted and some of the Cumnock boys are coming out at 9am.

This picture was quietest the prince of Wales pub that day. It's me and Mick

We all start enjoying ourselves and later on I buy a ticket for the game, outside the pub. So just before 2pm I head to game.

That was level 6 view. As you can see it's Sunny. I then get into seating.

Then the rugby starts, apart from Stuart Hogg, that wasn't only mistakes Scotland made. Line outs didn't work. Kicking for penalties was wrong when you try and don't get them. At half time I thought it could be 60/70 to Wales but only ended 51-3. I just hope next time I see Scotland at rugby 7s were better.

When game finished due to how long it took to get out I couldn't get back in pubs until 7pm. At least Ireland won. I have a good end to the day and a great nights sleep. We all leave on bus around 11am and get back to club at 7,15pm. I enjoyed shower when I got home.

It was some weekend.