Sunday, 9 December 2012

Its Sunday 9th December

Hello everyone, I think it's time again to blog. There has been a subject I haven't been talking about on my blog. Back around the start of November Tober's other half contacted me and Rab Donald to help with a surprise 50th this weekend. So while we enjoyed ourselves at Autumn Internationals we spoke a little bit about it. I saw it was me who had took the booking for a 40th and not with Tober's name on it. Rab and Linda sorted out some of the invites and I started talking quietly to others, when Tober wasn't around me in the club. So I got a list of people we needed details for and got them and the people coming started to mount up. The other first things was to try and get a disco for this date. I went round just about every disco and dj I know in Cumnock, including Blaire, Eleanor, Papa Skim, Shanuke, I tried nearly 10 people. I had no success. Thankfully Louise got someone. The other thing about party, tober has to order in stock for the function, but can't know its for his party. The drink came as fairly normal. So it keeps gugling along and Louise asks about getting in club to get ready and how we get Tober at the club last week. We come up with a plan thanks to Mick Smith. I check the list of people coming and see about 90 on list, this got revised to about 60 on Friday afternoon. Tober thinks he is going for dinner at Lochside on Friday night, so he can't be in club at 5pm as normal. On Friday morning cleaner at club phones me for 2nd time in the morning at 11.15. The drink delivery is running late, can I go down as she doesn't know when its coming. I was moving fixtures to new dates when that phonecall came and I knew Friday was going to be a long day, I wasn't pleased to say the least. I got down and a few minutes later the drink arrived! We get set up in the hall, get lunch and get away for about 90 minutes. I get down to club and it was quiet to start. the staff arrive and Tober gets the phonecall. The Dj when he was phoned hadn't arrived. He arrived 7.10 (cutting it close, he was meant to be here 6.30pm). Everyone arrives and Tober finally gets here 7.45pm YEAH He didnt know until very late this was happening, it was just about a surprise. We have a good night, have a few beers and I think phew, it was just about the longest function I have been helping with. I had a good night and got home just before 1am. I know the rugby is off next day so I can have a lie in, WRONG! the cleaner phones me at 830am (I was in bed woke up by phone). I can't get into bins, the keys arent there, so I get up, get dressed and go down to club. I get the keys, open them up and after 2 other things I had to deal with I head home. "wasn't pleased" was nowhere how I felt when I got that phonecall and solving of problem. So what do you do when you get home after this, go back to bed. I had another 3 hours sleep and felt human when I got up 2nd time. I had steak pie lunch at Royal at lunchtime as I didnt have breakfast my first time and wrap Christmas presents
I only have 4 to get now. This coming week I am going to TwitAyr and next weekend family are coming over to Cumnock for my 39th birthday afternoon meal. Inbetween going to Fife for a few days over Christmas I am going to be my usual busy over here. Even when its just games getting cancelled I am still busy at club. The other thing which did have to move back in my schedule was the amount of capping for Currentbuns, which some of you may know me for. With the stuff happening around club and other stuff happening, I havent had the same motivation to spend the small time I have, sat at my computer, even if that is generally a quiet day. Martin covers London very well, and tgoat gets most other people I see. See you around.