Thursday, 12 December 2013

Some @hannahbayman and this coming week when I turn 40 years old.

Well yesterday was 11/12/13 and I had usual stuff in evening, so I didn't watch this live. It's Hannah Bayman and I hope she is happy the now. Here is weather Hannah did last night This photo is most worrying for Cumnock RFC who are due to play Isle Of Arran on Saturday at 12.30pm in Brodick.
I also want to well done to Claire W on getting sorted and being a clydesider at #glasgow2014. Tomorrow morning I have an echo at Ayr Hospital, does everyone remember I used to look like this a few years ago:-
My lovely consultant wants to see what shapes my heart is doing again. Now back after I had left hospital a few years ago I decided to have a 40th birthday party. Thats seems a while ago. Only problem is now the party is 2 days away (this Saturday and no my birthday isn't this Saturday), but you can hardly have a party on Tuesday. The buffet is booked, sorted and paid, mum gave me some old photos and I cringed of what I was like when I was young and then handed them to Catriona who is doing the decorations also. I think the cake is being done, I have reminded them, who said they were doing it. I even made sure I didn't need to go to Isle of Arran if the weather somehow gets better. Blair is the DJ who doesn't even let me pick the tunes, but there is no karaoke on it and I have 99% of people said yes or no to the invite, sorry if you wern't invited again. But it will be a good one. I have even this week done this sheet about whats on around the club, so all the people I know understand how much is happening this month (and no my party is not on it)
Sunday I relax, Monday main committee meeting at night, Tuesday I don't know yet, its probably better not to plan that day, Wednesday lunch with Frank around Ayr (oh yeah and I have lots of xmas shopping still to do). So to the folk that don't dont like the capping, sorry and the rest of you enjoy.
Yours Thomas.