Saturday, 25 June 2011


I am quick busy today. I have had a haircut this afternoon (and a bath since).

I watched Qualifying in F1. As usual Vettel is in pole.

I have just got to capping for last night, so far I have these of Wendy Hurrell at Wimbledon doing BBC London weather

and yes I do like that outfit.

I also enjoyed last nights Smackdown.

Tonight is Family Fun Evening at Cumnock RFC so I will be down there.

Bye for now

Monday, 20 June 2011

The past weekend

On Friday i headed to my sisters in Fife. I left at 10.45 from Auchinleck. Got phone ring at 12.05 and I can see Buchanan Bus Station bus next bus leaves 12.10. I was in the bus area when the bus pulled away because we were stuck behind a Glasgow airport express bus waiting to go into its stance.

So that meant I had to get 1230 bus to Glenrothes. Get info that next bus to Leven from Glenrothes is 1415 and my bus is due in 1410. Then you hit Cumbernauld 10 mile of roadworks. Get to Dunfermline bus station 1339 but bus doesnt go in stance for 2 minutes. It only took 2 minutes to get those passengers in. Leave 3 minutes late. Then arrive at Glenrothes 1414, move towards next stance, BUS REVERSES! I was 10 metres away. Then get 1432 to Leven Bus Station, get there 1455, so after changing my route I save 32 minutes! I get to sisters (via a car) and have good lasange 8/10 and stay in house for rest of night.

Next day sis has hairdressers. She does that and comes back 10am, I head into Leven and chill out myself and head back at midday.

At 1pm we head by car to Glasgow (wasn't I there Friday). We go round a few shops (not for me, my nephew is there as well in buggy).

We head to Jamie Olivers restaurant

I have the tagliatelli, The STAFF were briliant, especially with my nephew. They look VERY WELL TRAINED. The food was good for the price I was paying. I aint sure if I had the £6.50 or £10 version (I paid a certain amount for my meal and stuff) The food was perfect temperature but I didn't get a lot of flavours. I got more flavours in lasagne the day before.

This is what I put on twitter Saturday night:-
9/10 good value just wasnt perfect. staff 10/10 good training, main meal 7/10 sweet 9/10.

I still agree with that.

During this the rain was LASHING down outside. I am glad we were inside then. It had dried out nearly when we left after 5pm. The other thing about Glasgow that day it was very busy. It was the day before Fathers Day though.

A few more shops happenned and we left Buchanan Galleries

It was 610 we left there, headed along M8 to forth road bridge and up the usual roads to leven. We got back to base at 7.40pm.

Watched the telly for rest of night (not pre-school television which I had heard about 7 hours that day). I also went on computer that night. I went to bed my usual time and had lie-in.

On Sunday we didnt do much that morning. at around 2pm we headed to Dunfermline. It took 20 minutes by car. We went to Odeon cinema and saw Green Lantern. It was ok for a dc comics franchise. I am expecting more episodes though. The graphics have even moved on since The Matrix in how it is clean.

That was done and wrapped by 525. I just watched telly that night.

Today I got to leven Bus Station 830 for 845 bus. It was a 50ish seater. I think around 80/90 people used this bus. It took about 70 minutes to get to Dunfermline today via Kirkcaldy and was there around 10am. Got to Kincardine bridge around 1030. Thinking it was suppose to get in Glasgow 11am (its 30 miles away roughly), dont think so. We go through roadworks on M80 (I hate them now). See bus home just departing (AGAIN) on time at 11.15 and I get in my stance 11.16am, grrr. Check times and see Train from Glasgow central to Auchinleck 1212 and home about 1310 (yeah), get some lunch and get train home. It only stopped at Stewarton and Kilmarnock before Auchinleck. Ace, not the multiple times my buses this morning stopped at every village in fife this morning. X buses in fife and only expresses when NOT IN FIFE!

Thats the rant over. You all have a good week. Tomorrow I am going to Ayr. No more Fife for 6 weeks. During typing this I have had Lady Gaga on (not Timmy Time!)