Saturday, 27 June 2015

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Some it's a varied day on BBC from Friday. Let's start with Maxine Mawhinney and Daniela Riorto on BBC News Channel Next up I was watching The Chase and the question setters gave Bradley Walsh the giggles again. I put these on twitter last night and got a bit of interest from that so here is a few images. Next up I moved to Reporting Scotland and Gillian Smart. You can guess why I did those caps (Cumnock was on the map). Now I move to the other south west, yes Bee Tucker on BBC Spotlight before it moves back to main studio on Monday after a while. Last one was Channel Island News, earlier on week I saw on An LA it was in Jersey, so I checked sky 968 and it was an extended programme, so I got some Clare Burton On periscope I did a couple of periscopes last night. Bye for now.