Friday, 27 November 2009

Me with contacts

Follow Friday 27 November

Good morning all, my list this week is very long for #followfriday on twitter, so I will post it as usual, but I am also putting it on here (all the links to twitterpage work as well):-

@craigmcgill PR Guru and great man.
@ms_cornwall I had great fun with blip and she is a great lass.
@_alexhamLocal Ayrshire man, and knows how to have a laugh.
@dezbee2008An american friend who likes basketball and Backstory on CNNI.
@weeyin13Another local lass, supplier of resources, motogp expert, gives advice, she is the best (even when she sleeps in).
@shadwell1970Jason, welsh man who likes motogp and rugby (good luck tomorrow, we will both need it).
@backstoryCnn programme with Michael Holmes, even answers back, geat programme and twitter follower.
@richardquestCNNI 7pm (London). Best business programme out there (and giving @dezbee2008 a mention this week).
@evilnannyA new lass to me, very chatty, nice lass, always seems in a good mood (or is that just her avatar), no I cant change shopping trolleys though.
@alan_shawThe breakfast WestFM (ayrshire) presenter, great bloke, I am glad he got the xmas tree sorted.
@jenniredanother @westfm and @westsoundfm DJ, did really well to survive Ayr Central lights last week, does a great show as well.
@ajm1030followfridays me every week (even when I forget to) american friend.
@birssyOh Diane, great football coach scottish lass, busy lady with her lads and still talks to us and the fact her followfriday list was short (and I was on it).
@tookiebuntenDavid, local Cumnock man who works in East Kilbride, fan of Cumnock RFC on facebook, man who gives good answers I can even use at committee (and they listen).
@unhealyfan Clairey, a lass I have known for ages as we are both fans of Kirsty Crawford. She likes hats, she needs to the now.
@tweetybear67Jane, always willing to chat, really good scottish lass, caring.
@bobsblitzAmerican football fan.
@bellahomecouk Great shop in Ayr, near Kyle Centre (No I am not being paid to do this), willing to chat about lots of stuff, great man.
@iamboutiqueBoutique owner in Prestwick, pregnant (good luck), chatty (even at the weekend), good luck.
@soldier_sophieMy condolences go to Sophie and her family.
@thegreenwellyLikes a sausage sarnie, gets it quite cold up in Tyndrum, his pen is still working (might look me up on googlewave, please).
@lliswerryguyEven though I am not in his youtube video (I have watched it) in October, welsh rugby, driver, great laugh, likes GMTV and I even supplied him a pic of Philipa Tomson from tscelebs. Funny man.
@freshplasticFunny London twitter.
@lisaseatGood luck with cycle and getting your followers, great lass.
@shadwell1970Jason, motogp fan, good man, even talks rugby with me as well, good luck against Australia (after scotland beat them).
@djmissfrenchieMusic lover, met fatboyslim (legend), great lass, chats, great music. Understands public transport trouble.
@paulson500good talker, does lots of early mornings, good man.
@absoluteradioSupplier of great tunes, online community.
@ceggsShe is new to me, nice chatty welsh lass.
@joreynolds55Great welsh lass, chatty, motogp fan, mate.
@josh_biggsAmerican shop worker (good luck over thanksgiving), great chat, cool man. His blog is great as well.
@A_ClappertonLocal lass.
@lj_chiChicago mate, tv lover, american football fan, great bloke.
@centcapscapper man, chatty, nice bloke.
@b26marauderGreat man, chatty, likes CNNI as well.
@braescotlandGreat lass, work working, really busy. She is great.
@tezzer57Very cool american.
@michaelmcgukAyrshire bloke, web design extraudinaire
another great ayrshire web design and great source of useful info.
@faulko1 Very busy DJ, great man.
@pitcheroThe website I use for Cumnock RFC, who just made me a division admin, my club love our site (so do I, I just wish more people would join, so if you dont have a rugby website, join them. They are great (yes I am on there a lot).

People know I do a lot at the rugby. You have seen my twitdoc's, facebook and stuff.
Saturday the 1st XV are playing Cumbernauld, then we have Alex's 50th birthday party that night (where I am serving drink (not paid), then Sunday from 9am - 5pm I am doing emergency 1st aid for sport with East Ayrshire Council, in Shortlees, Kilmarnock. Today I am trying out contacts for an hour.

Well thats the list. Anybody I forgot, I don't think so. Enjoy (and interact with me), but I do know how to edit it when I have new people to add.

I have to say a big thankyou to Josh Briggs on this blog I feel really honoured to be mentioned on his blog.

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Thanks to weeyin13 I have googlewave now. If anybody I know needs an invite, tell me. I have 8 invites. People I don't know won't. You do need a google account (which I use to blog with).


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Share - Yellow by Coldplay - Song of the Decade

Share - Yellow by Coldplay - Song of the Decade

The Real Mackay blogs so far this week

and Robert Pattison being talked about an interview for New Moon.

Monday John and the x factor posse talk about this weekends show.

These probably will only show in the UK.

This is the forum

Monday, 23 November 2009


Back home

Yes its still wet.

I went down to Cumnock, said hello to my mum who was going to the revamped Farmfoods. Unfortunately my lunch today was cancelled. Grrr. I have came back home. I must have missed the dry spell. I certinally didn't miss the rain, my jeans are wet (I changed to another pear of jeans).

Just took a pic fae my kitchen.

Rain again

Sunday, 22 November 2009