Saturday, 26 September 2009

Pic fae 20th sept

It was the sun, i was out and did firestarter on karaoke.

Cumnock 2nd xv fae last week

Cumnock official report will appear later (phone set on this blog) they also scored penalty try.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Good evening its Thursday 24th September

I hope we are all good today. It's my day off tomorrow. hurrah!

I have been busy on facebook still with Cumnock RFC I even added a few friends of my own for me on facebook.

I wanted to go to the @newmediabrekkie this morning at 29 in Glasgow, but I was working from 9am this morning down at Ayr, so I couldn't. I wish to thank for Craig McGill for tweeting during the event and giving updates (which I liked).

I have also been watching the news on ITV plc sueing STV for so much money and did not like on the news article in the Daily Record not really saying anything about ITV plc not allowing STV's auditors to check the accounts for when STV is suppose to owe the money for. Go check the STV forum to see what I am talking about.

Now any of my friends on twitter will know I do #followfriday every week and this week is no expection, but this time I am putting it on here as well.

Ms_cornwall - bird and blogger
weeyin13 - Ayrshire mafia member and blogger
tookiebunten - Ayrshire blogger(and retweet my blogspot addresses (no this isn't all rugby)
Mirantha - Ayrshire, Strictly (yes I watch it)
Braescotland - Scotland jobs and great girl.
DJmissfrenchie - Music ace.
CraigMcGill - Scottish tweeter and a whole load other. I wonder if you will talk on newmediabrekkie in Glasgow
CentCaps - capper and moderator on international caps on TVNewscaps
lindalou343 - Ayrshire and great musician and mate.
Caldjr - great Scottish man
Life of Bob - new on twitter and ayrshire youngster. He tweets A LOT
JoReynolds55 - great welsh girl
Shadwell1970 - another JT fan and great tweeter
lliswerryguy - youtube videos are briliant and likes (sometimes) gmtv.
Lj_chi - CHICAGO america, tvnewscaps sports fan (a lot better on college football than me)
B26marauder - another capper.
rbmartin - NHS fan and strictly fan (not when it's filling.
dezbee2008 - american.
Josh_biggs funny american who Ashton Kucher stole his joke

Apologies if I have forgot anybody.

Have a good night.

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Rugby done. The meet time for 1sts is 130pm on sat. Now sun
Heading to Cumnock RFC the now. Amanpour
CNN was good.

James Toseland Out Of MotoGP Ben Spies In

James Toseland Out Of MotoGP Ben Spies In

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This story is already on the front on Motor Cycle News which i passed in our paper shop last night.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The royal bar on quiz night

William mcCartney, mate says all he sees fae me on facebook is Cumnock Rugby club news.

He could be right. When I got home tonight the first place I had to go was Cumnock Rugby Club new fanpage on facebook. I left tagging only on admin. I changed it and added pics fae Harry Reilly. I did get some good news at the club when I got there.

Now its quiz time at The Royal Bar, Cumnock so bye.

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