Thursday, 20 February 2014

Morning, it's Thursdays

Well it's been a small amount of time since I did one of these, I think it's time I did.

Well firstly on Saturday night, my cousin peachy died. I wasn't expecting it. The time I saw him out was my birthday party in rugby club. He leaves behind Julie his daughter, Aunty Margaret his mum and a whole group of us. Now it was Sunday morning just after 9am I got phoned to be told. I had been phoned a short while later this was announced on facebook on Saturday night, I didn't feel much then, but it wasn't one of my facebook friends. Later on that night at Sun Inn, someone said sorry about peachy and I asked when she saw it, she said last night. I told her when I got phoned and at this point I Am Angry (not to person telling me). Now if you know somebody is dead, will you think of the family and make sure they know before you put it on facebook, twitter anything. Be respectful. This is first time I have spoke about it on here, facebook, twitter.

It's the funeral next Tuesday at 2.45pm.

Right try and change subject. Let's move onto Monday now.

Nicola Mcalley, stv news in Inverness was having a word "dreich". Nicola favourited mine "deliveries" 

It started with my ticket for #wweglasgow 

Paying £60 for ticket means I'll be close.

Now the delivery I was expecting came (my address is blocked so everyone else doesn't see it.

Now last week I phoned BT on my landline to find out about infinity. It was just over £42 per month, which is about £6 more than what I was paying for normal broadband, so yes, let's do it.

Box got delivered on Monday around 1040am, installation was Wednesday.

I had Liz and committee meeting Monday night.

Tuesday as normal I gave Stuart to give WWE Smackdown and Raw. It's Elimination Chamber on Sunday and it's on normal sky sports, YEAH.

2pm was Stevie and jukebox and at 7pm it was 2nd team training. I went home and sorted my cables in computer (so I knew which one was old hub). I also managed to watch STV News in whole, live.

Wednesday I got up about 7am. On STV news Tuesday night, Jennifer Harrild did report on #holy spandex morph suits and augmented reality in them. Before 8am I did some capping.

Jennifer does a lot of serious reports, it's good for the guys and girls at Morph Suits being with these suits and I guess they did well since this was on Glasgow and Edinburgh bulletins (I checked Aberdeen, I didn't see it) of STV News. I certinally haven't seen Jennifer being carried by Spider-Man. A big thank you to Stuart Burns and John Mackay (the Real Mackay) for there replies on twitter.

I will move to Wednesday, it was about 9am work started on infinity and by 10am it was finished the installation.

Last night it was training. Today it's club twice.

Well I hope some of you learn from this blog and see you about.