Monday, 12 November 2012

I feel some stuff to say

Hello everyone, this will be a varied one. Lets start with rugby, the seniors 1st XV have won 6/6 league games and even though we moan sometimes about the performance, the boys are still winning. I've been working through some of my roles in rugby club and it means basically Tuesday is the only day I don't have rugby stuff. Last Tuesday I went to Braehead and did some xmas shopping and saw WWE stars put lights on (eventually).
I got home and watched raw as I hadn't had time in morning. On the telly front I am enjoying Arrow on Sky 1 and Elementary on Sky Living. I still record (and watch) Homeland on channel 4 every week as well. On BBC I watched Saturday Night as George Entwhistle resigned. I dont think he should get a full year salary as pay off and Tim Davey wasn't going to say if it was right for him to be paid that, Lord Patten and the 11 others on BBC Board, need to look again into this. I did retweet Suzanne Virdee at weekend, we can't forget all the abuse that happened for decades, even though Newsnight mistakes do need investigating, but it shouldn't sidetrack the child abuse investigation. Right rugby, I am happy that Mark Bennett is on loan to Glasgow Warriors until end of season, to say the least. I have this morning been tweeting that for the club and putting it on our website. Yesterday I went to Scotland vs New Zealand game, after leaving club at 10am, I got to Glasgow 12.10 and got on a bus about 15 minutes later. That was good organisation. I got to Murrayfield around 1.40 and just headed for my seat.
After game I walked from Murrayfield to Edinburgh Bus Station, all those tram works definately don't help. I left Edinburgh Bus Station 6.20pm and got to Glasgow 7.45pm. I got the Kilmarnock bus down and got home at 10.15pm. Lets hope next Saturday is better even though I am staying in Edinburgh Saturday night. So I hope you are all ok out there and see you about.