Saturday, 15 August 2009

Bar of cumnock rfc

Barmaids who wouldnt pose.

Andy, gregor, blair and me

Were in Cumnocl rfc on Saturday.

Saturday 15th part 2

Quick vid showing its dry. It got dry at lunchtime.

The shift went a lot better today, the rain this morning didn't put them off too much. We gots lots done. Lunch at a sensible time as well. No trouble like yesterday.

The experiment continued today. Still nothing.


Still raining

Friday, 14 August 2009

Friday 14th August

Just headiing to work early.
Already done #followfriday on twitter. Say hi for your own one. This was at 6.30am

It wasnt a good day at work really. Because of a mistake I made last night I had to be in work for 8am.

I have had to put myself on the till more, which means when a problem comes along I dont get the amount of time to deal with it which I am used to. I had a problem which had to be resolved by Steve and Charles in Essentials. I didn't feel good about that one. I hate them getting my problems.

After the busy morning, when the rain was only showers, I got to do the rota and timesheet this afternoon. Everyone is happy this coming week with the rota.

I got finished work and got home about 7.40pm.

I am just watching Virgin 1 tonight.

I didn't get many responses this morning, so lets see if tonight gets any more more. I tried my experiment again today.

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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Thursday 13th August

Well nice time after visiting Ian. At work I tried to work with Ann some of the time today. I needed lots of help from Ann and the rest of the staff.

The ice cream is nearly fixed. We will be fully ok after we see a joiner for the door. I have to go in early Friday.

Got my bus home on time tonight, a woman was heading south of New Cumnock and had to try and catch a train at Auchinleck. Bus got them there in plenty of time.

I then had membership stuff and other website stuff for Cumnock Rugby at home before heading to rugby club.

I also tried my experiment again where I wear shorts below my jeans when I outside.
Nobody noticed as usual. It was tartan colour shorts. Bed time for me now.

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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

no more pics today on thomasblah.

You will all be glad to hear thats all the pics for thomasblah today.

I am changed my dashboard so that the photos that I take on my phone go onto cumnockrugby for this evening. I don't know if they will want photos, we shall see.

It isn't Cumnock games, more regional.

Ian last

A bit of a walk

Thats me at the main bridge on way home.

Ian 3

On the way to Ians

Ian 2

View of River Ayr

Ians house

Ians home I did ask Ian if I could take a picture of his new home.

Ian agreed and so there it is. Wghile we were there somebody tried to phone me and him see several stuff. I did my usual and said No.

There is a few more pics here of the walk to his home.

Wednesday 12th august

Good morning. Its my dayoff. So I aint in uniform. Wearing black and bright colour on top. Its dry as you can see from my garden.
I am watching some videos including Will Ferrell as George W Bush after Obama won. I am trying to relax today.

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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Old racecourse

Where football is

Ayr racecourse

Its already busy here today. I wonder if any fae last night.

Cumnock rugby club

Down here tonight.