Monday, 27 February 2012

my weekend

How are we all today, its been a busy weekend for me this weekend. On Friday morning I was down in Cumnock early and handed over a birthday present for Carol, over to Andy and then put some posters up in rugby club.
That one came in handy because somebody realised that the games had continued. Next I went back home and had a relaxing couple of hours. After 1.20 I headed out to Kilmarnock to see "The Best Exotic Maragold Hotel" which was playing at 2.40. The bus took me to Asda on Queens Drive, I got lunch and went and saw it. It is a very good film, somebody today asked me if its funny. I couldnt say it is. It may have funny parts in it, but its not a comedy. There is nothing wrong with the storylines. The wierdest part I was actually one of the younger people in the audience, but dont let this put you off seeing it. It is a good film. Perfect length, well moving. Its a good film. It was 5pm by this point and I headed back to bus station for bus home. It was due at 5.40. Now at 5.25 I saw a tweet from Glasgow Warriors reminding people the Club International at Millbrae started at 7.30 and made me think, can I get there. A minute later an Ayr Express bus came in which meant yes I could go. I got on bus and put on facebook I was going to game and see if anybody else was. I got a reply yes big Jim was, so I arranged a lift back home.
I got to Ayr and thought the bus to alloway was 615, I was wrong. The bus was 6.50, wait time. Got to Millbrae at 7.05. Couldnt get in main stand, it was full already. Went around side to other side of the pitch and stood over there. It was a great game and really enjoyed it and finally met up with Mark and Jim and went home. After a long day I stayed in for rest of night. Next morning I woke up early (typical) and headed to rugby club around 12.30 for 3pm kick off. Both teams were to be at home. I got both sets of waterbottles filled and ready. At 1.30 is when you get thing after thing after thing to do, which you cant really deal with. It was going to be a busy day. It didnt help half the 1st XV didnt come before kick off to pay subs. It was about 1.40 I thought it going to be one of those days. At 2pm I finally got to getting changed and for game and went down. At 2.45 we hadnt seen the referee appointed for this game, so I went and checked he was in the club, I had met him before. If you want to see how the game went read MY match report, David couldn't do it this week. After the game because I didnt have chance to make notes during game I did the match report then. During this I was asked to put main projector on in main hall. I reminded them there was a function in there that night, but put it on and sound desk working in a few minutes. The Wales game finished and I had just finished doing my match report and putting it online and emailed. Put sounddesk away again and the party came in and finally ate my pasta from after game. I tried to relax in bar now, I went home around 730 tired. From 1.20pm to 5.40pm I didn't really stop. I knew I was going to have a long day on Sunday, so after eating more dinner I went to be for about 90 minutes. I got back up before 10pm and watched England vs Wales as I had recorded it. Before I knew it, it was 11.30. did a couple of things on computer and went to bed at fairly good time. Sunday I woke up about 8am, had breakfast and got scotland shirt on
At about 9am I headed out to discover Auchinleck Train Station bridge was closed again to traffic. I took a quick walk upto junction and got bus to Kilmarnock at 9.20am. We got to Killie 10.05 and waited for Glasgow bus at 10.30. It was another quiet bus and we got to Buchanan Bus Station about 11.10am. I then headed across to Queen Street Station. I had some lunch then got in the quee for Edinburgh trains. It was a long one. We all somehow all got through it first go. The train came 11.45 and everyone got on. It was standing room only when I got on. It took about an hour from that point until we got off. I was glad when we got there. I can understand why I use buses to goto Edinburgh, NO STANDING. Next time thats the plan again BUSES! I had arranged to try and meet friends in pub in Edinburgh, only trouble was I didnt know where the street the gave me was. I wasnt getting any 3G or HDSPA in lots of edinburgh. I couldnt always text as well. So I headed across to Murrayfield and found Murrayfield Hotel and relaxed before game. I saw my friends when the game was about starting.
The game was about to start and I finally had phone reception but they had problems in club with projector as people were going to be watching it there. I gave advice over text (I wasn't going to hear them) and how to do what I had done on Saturday. They finally enjoyed the game at the club as well, phew. We all know what happenned in the game eventually. I hope everyone recovers from the game. After the game I eventually got to Haymarket train station about 535pm and got in an almost empty (at this point) Queen Street train. My neck was needing a break and I got a seat straight away. It was good. 3 French men sat at the table as well a couple of minutes later, so I just listened to music. By the time the train left for Glasgow people were standing. I can say all the people involved had the people travelling to and from the game very well, which would be essential with a sell out at murrayfield. I got my twitter working again on the train back and saw a tweet from Catriona Shearer about the Scotland Sun and martin saying it isnt online, so as I am in scotland I said when I got to Glasgow I would buy one. So when I got to Glasgow I bought 1. It is on page 35 if you bought it yesterday in Scotland and it was a great read. I dont want to break copyright by putting it on here, but its worth a look. I said I enjoyed it and martin and Catriona acknowledged this, YEAH! I went down to Kilmarnock on quiet but and then Cumnock. I passed the rugby Club and the outside lights were still on, so when I got off bus, I headed over to club and got them switched off. I then relaxed for the rest of the night. I got emailed most the reports I needed and said I would do them this morning. So on our website we now have p4/5 report, p6/7 report, s1/2 report and 2nd Xv paragraph. So now its a day of relaxing. You all take care out there and see you soon. So you all probably see my busy period is during the weekend, not the week. Thomas