Saturday, 22 January 2011

Vendetta last night video 2

Vendetta video 1

Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday 21 January

Hello all, hope we are ok out there.

Its been really a couple of weeks since I did this kind of blog, not jokes. Thanks for all the nice comments on them @tookiebunten @melbide @acw86 and anyone else who enjoyed them (I did direct it to certain people).

Last weekend I was very happy when Cumnock RFC got some games. The Saturday I was at 1st XV game and it had been about 2 months since the guys played. Cumnock won 26-0 against Clydesdale. It was a good warm up as the boys at times were rusty and it fet good watching them got on a pitch after 10 weeks off. That evening I stayed around club to 730 (by which point I had details of 2nd XV win) then headed home and watched Man City game which was very good. The next day I went upto church and went down to club to open up for Under 16s playing. I was kept going with doing report and the rush to soft drinks after game. I am glad I have done my turn.

Monday after rugby stuff I relaxed ALL DAY until committee meeting at night and it was a good meeting. Tuesday I was trying to fix TV problems, which wasn't easy. I got home at 325 and made chicken for dinner. I ate that and headed back to Cumnock at 5pm and got a flu jab. It's very easy and I felt no side effects. Next headed back home before going to quiz at Royal Hotel at 8pm. Ayr did well that night with beating Hibs. We won the quiz so it was a good day.
Wednesday I completed fixing telly and tried to buy video recorder on ebay, trouble is very late bidding kept beating me. I think they might have been stuck to screen to make sure they won.

Yesterday I watched Andy Murray win 2nd round quite easily then went to EACH for Physio class. It was good to get busy there and definately enjoyed my bath in the afternoon.

Then I went down to rugby saw about 1st XV team so it can go in the programme which you can buy this weekend and s1/2 when they need bar for Sunday as they are at home.

Next I headed upto The Sun Inn and saw Billy Connelly there.

I took a video.

all there it is and thats about it for this stuff. All this leaves is some #followfriday

Bye for now.