Friday, 4 September 2009

Tober in bar

Thursday, 3 September 2009

River in cumnock

Ok has it been raining. Hello harding family.

I came in to get WWE Summerslam from Stuart, he was waiting for me in the precient and told HE READS THIS. I didn't even invite it I think. I was quite surprised. The view is going across from a large store in Cumnock. After this I went and saw my mum and Andy before they went to see Singing In The Rain in Glasgow and I visited my Cousin David when there bus came.

I have now back home and watching WWE Summerslam

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Cumnock near Lugar Street

Its only showers so far.

This was me on my nice big bus, just turning into Cumnock Bus Station. It was after I had a nice morning on the computer and having a bath.

I had better also say since the last blog thanks to AngieT1972, lisaseat
take care of yourself Lisa, take care of your flu, tookiebunten, Mirantha, weeyin13, ms_cornwall, Laura_gardiner shooting stars was funny, Snedwan, brae_scotland, eucriel, shadwell1970, djmissfrenchie, caldjr for all your tweets at me.
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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Hello everybody

Map of Ayrshire, ScotlandImage via Wikipedia

I hope everyone is good today. It was a fairly quiet day today. Our head office visitors did pass the shops but never came in. It was just before we opened.
On twitter NewMediaBrekkie and AngieT1972.

New Media Brekkie is part of podcastmatters, a group Tartanpodcast used to MD whose podcast I do listen to. I havent heard anything since he left them. I don't know if it is of interest to me. Look at this link and tell me what you guys think. It is a good blog.

AngieT1972 has a blogspot as well. As part of bellahomecouk getting the Ayrshiremaffia to raise our game, I am trying to find more bloggers out there and them following me on twitter, makes it real easy for me to follow them.

I also want to give illiswerryguy, caldjr, snedwan, sir and cdhinton for tweeting this morning.

You may also notice I use statcounter on the site. I get about 200 pageloads a week on thomasblah and even more on cumnockrugby. I aint giving figure out on that. I hope it helps weeyin13 blog, a fellow member of #ayrshiremaffia. Anybody else in Ayrshire going to join us.
While I am talking #hastags, when you see me use #fb on the end of my tweets, it's so that my selective twitter update on facebook activtes are used on facebook. They don't seem to like too many status updates over there. I use it most for rugby ofcourse.

Well it's nearly dinner time, so have a good evening. It was dry for most of today, but as usual when I got off my bus it was raining, typical.

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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Tuesday 1 September

Hello Guys and girls, how are we all.

Well lets start with Sunday. I went to Cumnock RFC mini/midi registration day. It went ok, got some memberships and was back home about 3pm, then I did the admin of doing the database and emailing that to various people. I got told David Kerr, our new Club Captain would email the Cumnock Chronicle himself and told his dad who is also a youth coach and senior player Euan. David sent me the report and I did posted it Monday morning. I went home and didn't have tea, bad idea. My admin had finished by about 5pm and I headed back down to the club to see Alex. I also had my videotape set for Moto GP on BBC3 at 7.45pm. Thanks go to Weeyin13 on twitter to making sure I got it to watch James Toseland.

I wanted to go to the pub, which wasn't going to be affected by anything. I know thats bad, but I did.

So I had a number of pints in Cumnock RFC, upto about 8pm. I got to ask about Saturdays game. I went a walk around woodroad, BAD IDEA. I wasn't sober then.

I walked to The Sun in Cumnock. I made a few videos of people singing (not including me being videod).

I just missed last bus to Auchinleck at 10.45pm and got a taxi. I came home, changed my blogs slightly with tags and went to bed.

I woke up Monday morning with a hangover. I went down to Tesco for a small bit of shopping. I then went home and watched MotoGP. There was a lot of falling over. The commentary said it was more than usual. It was exciting.

Now this was the first week I get to cover Jim's day off at work so I was starting work at 2pm to 10pm. The head office visit has been moved to Wednesday. Our server for credit cards went down which meant everybody had to pay cash. I had a few people not be happy about this, but I only apologised for server not working. The rest of it was ok. I stayed in Ayr last night, I wasn't finishing at midnight, going home and then getting up at 6am to start at 9am. Today wasn't bad until the RAIN fell at 4.50pm and was still raining when I finished today.

This evening I have had pictures to upload to Cumnockrugby blog and chatboard and flickr. I didn't know there is a 200 limit unless you have a pro account (it doesn't delete them). I also had s1 and under 15 fixtures to upload onto websites, so I am bit tired fae rugby. I also got emails which show the results of our division. It's not a rss feed though, so I cant embed it (as far as I know).

Finally I got to check weeyin13 blog. Looks really good for a start. Mrs Toseland (she wishes) will do well.

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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Another fae the sun

More singing

Ian with dancers

Ian in the sun

Lori in the sun

Saturday 29th August

My bus driver this morning was an Ayr stagecoach supervisor, that was fun some of that journey.

Work, was a lot quieter thank god, Ann and me got lots done, good as I am on holiday tomorrow.

I had a notice to put out on Cumnock RFC going to Oban Lorne and there being a bus. I checked it was ok, it was. I posted it on the chatboard Found out we lost 10-14. A hell of a lot better than last season when they beat us roughly by 60 points.

Jen McGinley of westfm did cause me problem with asking me to smile in a picture. It didn't work. Illiswerryguy on twitter didn't like it and somebody else said it was bad as well. Nobody said anything so at 7pm, I changed to another picture.

Also a big hello to weeyin13 and mirantha who have openly joined the #ayrshiremaffia on twitter after Wednesdays ideas on improving our game. I wonder if lindalou343 will join, I am still to directly ask her.

Right earlier in the week Alex Dunsmuir had said the club could be busy Saturday night with a function and said I COULD be there around 7pm. I also said to barmaids if it got mad to phone me and I would come down. None of the normal barmaids were on. Ian McN was in main bar (quiet as hell) and Alex who was up before me this morning and Blair were busy in function hall bar. They did need me. Alex text me at 9.25pm, wondering if I was coming down, I headed down straight away. We were ok but the club made some money. I planned after last orders i might get away around 1.30am, it was 1.10 with Ian still there.

It was easier to blog this than try and twitter it on my trobertc account.

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