Saturday, 4 October 2014

Blogtober day 5

A day in the life of Cumnock RFC Webmaster.

Well Saturday is one of my busiest days at Cumnock Rugby Club and so I decided to list my day on Saturday.

Started by getting up 8.00am. It was an overcast day. Flu jabs open surgery was 8.30-12.30 so I headed across after watching some Riversideshow.  I walked past Freddie Williams to see this (I think it needs updated). I also got a shave.

So got my flu jab at 8.55am and headed to Royal Bank and got some change and some money for me. Now at this point I knew we only had 1 referee and had 3 games at home. I ŵent down to club, put change in and put strips out. I discovered u18 had ref but 2nd team didn't.

I headed up home around 10.00am and went to Greggs and bought 20 rolls for Sunday.

I put phone back on charge and text Tober and phoned Iain. I also phoned Alex and he phoned Dalziel and they supplied a referee for 2nd team game, yeah! All games now covered. I cut the rolls up and put spread and ham inside them and put in bags (that took 30 minutes) and put them in fridge. It's about 11.00am now. I remember s2 are doing car wash at club 12.30pm, I text Tober to find out when staff are on, 1.00pm. So I watch some telly until 11.40 and head down to club. 

Get down and fill water bottles and fill in small teamsheet and get £5.00 for subs. All the first team come in, but I am still waiting for who is playing where. We have been allocated for 1st team a woman who is ref. One of our players doesn't finish warm up and is out, so change big teamsheet (that I have already wrote out).

I head down to pitch 2.35pm. 

While doing my stuff, I was getting a lot of advice (which I didn't want).

Cumnock 1sts won 40-3 and 2nd 28-22.

I went back upto club, had a beer, got pasta. There was a raffle which I won bottle of wine, which will be used for tombola at Tournament on Sunday.

This is p7 draw.

I head home at 5.30 as Sunday rugby starts for coaches 9.00am

So that was rugby stuff I did on Saturday.