Saturday, 4 October 2014

blogtober day 4

Well a big thank you so far this week to tezzer57, tgoatcapper, Sean Batty, Sparklemonkey, David Farrell, Nicola McAlley, Eileen Douglas, Cheryl Paul, Karen Greenshields, Claire Wynarczyk (who is also doing #blogtober) and even Laura Maciver for checking out my blog or just talking via that source, twitter. That is an image of most of the presenters, reporters I have in my dropbox, so I did a new image, I realise some have mistakes. It will definately show I do both men and women. Now yesterday I did STV News report on The Cumnock Tryst, today is Pauline Maclean in BBC Reporting Scotland. So Friday I did take a few picture of The Cumnock Tryst Those were from Cumnock precinct this afternoon, singing was by children, so no pictures of them. But did enjoy them singing inside, 30 minutes continious singing (big patience) (it was wet outdoors). Last set are at Festival Friday were at The Dumfries Arms with CAMPS. Well I realise this is a short one, but 3 rugby games at Cumnock RFC today and lots of rolls to make for Sunday. Goodbye for now.