Monday, 6 October 2014

Blogtober day 6

Well I will start with this link, it's a dark video blog fae me.

It's me in Odeon at Kilmarnock waiting for film to start. I was seeing The Equaliser which is rated 15.

This movie certinally is not for kids. Lots of killing, violence. I have always like Denzel Washington.

Now most of the time I do telly caps, but this morning was busy on rugby website. We have 1 micro, 3 mini, u18, 2nd team and 1st team reports. I also had teamsheet to send in. Hopefully you read yesterday's blog on my Saturday. I discovered Kevan Aitken had to referee 2 games after Iain phoned me about league table. I've been dealing with that last hour since I got home.

Now some stuff I probably shouldn't say:-
P7 team did win yesterday but getting asked just after we were finished (after being in club 7 hours) who we playing next week, I'm thinking "whit, let me get after today". I said I would get back to him. My mood wasn't improved by buying a pint and someone hiding it and lying about they hid it. He tried to get me back, but I had enough. I went home. I'm nice 99% of the time but some people try to touch my buttons.

So this is probably the shortest blogtober I will do.

Bye for now.