Friday, 3 October 2014

blogtober day 3

Hello everyone, well today is only 2 subjects, The Cumnock Tryst and some BBC Weather again. So we had our P7 rugby training at Auchinleck Academty astroturf last night which was ok, before our tournament on Sunday. Got some new lessons on whos the ref and some registration stuff in club to do as well. Went upto square and went on facebook and saw The Cumnock Tryst did have a concert at St Johns but had a festival Fringe in Dumfries Arms Hotel at 10.00pm. So I quickly went home, got out my jeans and jacket and put on trousers, shoes and a shirt and went up. Dunaskin Doon Silver Band were on and I really enjoyed it. They even played "Happy" (which was apt because I had just been asked if I wanted a drink, I said no, "I was happy"). When I was talking to me friends in DA they said St Johns looked great plus the car park was full and 2 streets beside it. They enjoyed all the music they heard that night, I think. When I got home later I watched STV News (as I always do) and saw a report by Karen Greenshields on The Cumnock Tryst, normally this is just images of the reporter, but in this case I just did loads. So with all the rain were getting this afternoon, The Cumnock Tryst todays festival from Auchinleck Academy, Netherthird Primary, Barshare Primary at 2.45pm is in Cumnock precinct and its free (just dont expect an photos from me on it). So thats some of what happens where I live, now while I was getting ready to do that I had BBC News Channel on at 9.55am and Sarah Keith Lucas was doing weather, a couple of days ago the cameras didnt show enough, now it was wrong camera for a bit longer. Bye for now.