Thursday, 2 October 2014

blogtober day 2

Afternoon. It was about 1.30pm yesterday Sean Batty was watching BBC News at One and noticed they didn't show Shetland.There was a lot of France as well. By talking about it on twitter camera (computer controlled) was in wrong place. So this made an east subject, not to forget our friends up north. I decided to do STV News from Aberdeen. I am going to start with Norman Macleod. His is the main anchorman in Aberdeen (andrea Brymer does other shifts). Next up we have Inverness correspondent Nicola McAlley Next up we have Cheryl Paul The sport keeps coming from St Andrews with Stefani Dailly Now people in Aberdeen are needing to use full code to dial phone numbers (even landlines) and Rachel Stewart was reporting on it To finish up north I decided to finish with the weather from Sean Batty I am going to finish up with something local, The Cumnock Tryst starts this weekend in Cumnock and James MacMillan CBE is leading it. Nicola Benedetti is playing as well. Even though my schedule is busy this weekend, I will try to see something, even if its only festival fringe at 2.45pm tomorrow afternoon. Here a few caps from STV News today