Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Blogtober day 1

Well I saw during October is blogtober so I will attempt to do it.

Firstly update on weekend.  Saturday morning I had alarm set 6.30. I had woke up at 4.00am and couldn't get to sleep again. We went to Isle of Mull, Mull won and we went back to Oban. It was a very busy day and by 8.30pm I just wanted to relax (and the beer wasn't good). I went to bed 10.00pm and got up fresh next morning. We got back at nearly 4.00pm. I enjoyed Sunday night and Monday I got all the match reports and did some housework. My mum and sister visited me at 3.30 and I told brother about Brian Loys Funeral. He phoned a few minutes later saying he was staying that night (oh great). I had 2 committee meetings that night. Got some shopping and headed down to club. Left there about 9.30pm. Met David in Royal when he got down, had a pint. I slept in bedroom and he slept in living room.  Yesterday was Brian Loy funeral. We were up just after 7.00am and got ready. The service was very nice. It was about 1.30pm I went home. I was watching Smackdown and I noticed I had had a small snooze. I went into bed around 2.30pm and put radio on. I woke up at 5.00pm. I must have needed that. I normally only do Internet stuff on Mondays so can relax after weekend. I had 6 busy days in a row. I was at quiz last night and enjoyed it. So that's the update since last blog.

Now to get to my normal stuff, I saw Gillian Smart on BBC Scotland Weather 6.50,10.35 and 6.55 this morning, so I covered all three.

Next up from late bulletin last night Catriona Shearer I will finish with Laura Maciver from this morning. Bye for today.