Monday, 22 June 2009

Itunes and podcasts

Well I downloaded itunes on my computer last night and decided to download some podcasts I used to listen to.

The main feed was the Tartanpodcast

I listened to Tartanpodcast #122 first. Mark Hunter was talking to one of the team with The LaFontaines, they are a band from Motherwell. I actually saw them in Market Inn in Ayr back at the start of May I think, They were something new. Raping that style was briliant. It was very good to listen and see them and even better to hear them get their own tartanpodcast.

I have included their myspace link there.

Next I listened to #121. It was going back through his history a small bit. I really enjoyed this as well. As always Mark got some good tunes. I hope he is enjoying doing this at home now.

Next I listened to Sleepy Sunday #33, its the first time I have listened to this and it was quite good as well. Mark certinally is good at producing these. It was nice and short.

The last of the current Marks tartanpodcasts was a Sleepy Sunday #34. He was talking to somebody from Alabama and I was a bit worried when they started talking about church, they quickly moved from that. As most people realise when I am working I work almost every Sunday, so I don't really get to church much, but I don't like putting it on other peoples faces. The last 2 Sundays I was off I went to rugby ofcourse. Mark quickly moved from that and I enjoyed the rest of the conversation and other aspects of that podcast.

I hope Mark keeps these up. I don't really want to go anywhere near talking about my Sundays though.

Finally I listened to Social Media Podcast number #4 with Cliff Ravenscraft. It was very interesting. I dont think I will hear another one for a while since Mark has left that company, again Mark good luck in the future (and your family).

It gives me a few lessons on this, seeing as I am new at this blogging thing.

I was a lot better than the rubbish which is on the TV at the moment.

I have sent a few messages on twitter to Mark at his twitter address telling him what I think.