Saturday, 27 June 2009

Friday and Saturday

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Well here we go. I went back to work yesterday and already knew I was going to be busy. So get to work, I was right, had deliveries from day before to finish checking and the shop was quite brisk. Only had Claire and Myra. Rachel was in at 2pm and it was Ann's day off. Supermarket was busy as well and borrowed Myra when it got busy. I also had another couple of deliveries later on which I didn't get near. We just about got through Thrusdays boxes even though I didn't get them all away. I think we were all tired.

We all know what happenned Thursday night/Friday morning (Michael Jackson), so radio was totally just all about him. It did pale if you knew there was Iraqis dying and all we got was 1 talented musician dying (nothing against him).

Well finished work and got the bus home. Next I had some shopping to do. So walked down to Tesco with 4 bags. I had emptied my cupboards and freezer so I had the need of a big shop. I am glad to say thats what I did. Booked a taxi home (even though it only takes 5/10 minutes to walk down. I had filled my bags.

So got home with my taxi, did a bit on the computer then had money to give to somebody then had a few pints. I got my Hawiian pizza at my favourite shop in Cumnock and got a taxi home. I ate the pizza and went to bed. You can see from my karaoke post I did some "singing".

I wasnt feeling 100% when I got out of bed at 7am this morning. I could barely eat my cereal. So got the bus at 8.20am tried to find shoes I need to buy in Ayr (just bought Franz Ferdinand and ne-yo albums at HMV). Went into work.

All 5 of us were in today. We got through all the deliveries and it was a bit better. The shop looks good again. We are open 9-6 Saturday and Sunday and 9-5 Monday - Friday so thats why I started at 10am today and tomorrow.

I didn't get home until 7.30 so I missed most the Andy Murray game. The highlights we just got were a bit short. I could have been doing empties across in community centre but after knowing what time I would get home I said I couldnt (oh yeah and I aint really wanting another shift after todays shift).
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