Monday, 22 June 2009

TV and stuff

Katy Perry (Credit to DdandD for pic)

Well first things first. John Bercow has become the speaker-elect of the house of commons. When I spoke to Brae Scotland on twitter she asked who wanted to be the new speaker, I said not Margaret Beckett.

She came in and said Stephen Fry. That would be the best. Unfortunately it was the MPs who were deciding who the speaker was.

I didn't watch much of the tennis at wimbledon but I know Federer won and the 15 year old girl won 1st set but lost the match.

I hope everyone out there has cancelled Sentanta as they have almost no football and will soon be in administration. SPL cancelled their deal with them today and ESPN will be taking the English premiership games they had. Sky will probably get the SPL games they said on news.

I promised last night I would talk about Top Gear and here it comes.
Michael Schumacher as "The Stig" they had just tested a Ferrari (who is a consultant for Ferrari). The end of the show was funny ofcourse (totally false but funny as The Stig knows that course as he teaches everybody). I even had a german ask me about Top Gear when Germany doesn't get our version of it. I got him the Topgear Youtube channel.

The lotus wasn't very powerful. The race was amazing. I thought Jeremy was going to win (even though as a topgear fan I really should cheer Captain slow winning, just doesn't feel right).

Next after a short break I watched Alan Carr on ChattyMan which was on Channel 4. Katy Perry was really good at singing and her dress was very nice. Samuel L Jackson was a great first guest and Ivana Trump wasn't bad, not great, but not bad.

I will definately be watching it again.

I missed Chuck last Tuesday, so I am going to watch it at 10pm tonight. Great fun.

I had also say that I found a few new (and old) people on twitter including a lovely Musician called Linda Hughes fae Cumnock Lindas twitter and Lindas myspace page

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