Sunday, 21 June 2009

Past couple of days

Well I was at my parents Friday night so I could deliver Fathers Day presents.

Then spoke to Brian, Ann, Mum and dad (andy) about various stuff. We also talked about phones, weddings and stuff. I got the last bus home.

Then on Saturday Ann and me opened gift shop. Rachel came in at 10am. She wasn't well. Claire also started at ten.

It was an ok day and got through it. I watched Kevin and Perry go Large on ITV2.

I started at 9am this morning with Myra and Claire, it was another ok day.

I have watched some CNN this evening about Iran and the video of shooting of that woman. This is why we need the Iran Election sorted out.

Why is Iran hating us British as much as they are. I hope everything gets sorted there. I just aint sure if that will happen.

Just check this:- CNN Video

I am watching topgear now, so tell you about that later.