Saturday, 18 October 2014

Blogtober day 18

Firstly apologies on yesterday on day 17. I was trying to publish my blog on ipad and it kept on coming up error 403, so I had to get mobile out and say I couldn't post the caps. Right Jackie Bird on Wednesday was on Scotland 2014 and a few old pictures came on, she has been doing it for 25 years. 25 years ago I just started Cumnock Academy in 5th year. I didn't even wear glasses yet (got them at college late 1993). Next up on the fact all week I have covered Scotland Tonight, (why would this change) Claire Stewart from Wednesday and Thursday. Ok now we move to Friday and firstly Lisa Gallagher To finish its Holly Green So now its Saturday we have Cumnock 1st team vs Loch Lomond in bowl and Cumnock 2nd vs Allan Glens 2nd both 3.00pm (Same time as Glasgow Warriors take on Bath Rugby on BT Sport 2). Tomorrow Micros and Minis kick off 10.30 against Strathaven and Garnock in most age groups and Cumnock s1 and s2 face East Kilbride at noon (the quick turn around). U15 boys are training 12.30pm (I put there fixtures on website yesterday) U16 are at Cartha QP. Cumnock U18 are at North Ayrshire today. So I will probably deal with all that before next blog. I already know the subject, Laura Boyd. Read this blog post from Laura, see why she is the bravest lassy on telly.... and Shaun Lowrie dancing.