Monday, 13 October 2014

Blogtober day 13

Well its now Monday, last night I planned to enjoy the band in royal and karaoke in The Sun, then the realisation we have next Sunday micros, minis, s1, s2 all at home, put that on its head. Thanks to Alan for phoning and Morton, Gordon, Stewart helping me sort it out. Also this morning all the reports went online for Cumnock RFC. I also started on Halloween event Ok thats the rugby stuff bye for now. Firstly I have to thank Clare Nasir for retweeting my link to blog, that post got 82 pageviews so far in 1 day. Now to some caps, I picked a few different regions and other national news. First up Alice Baxter doing BBC Business Next up some national weather with Louise Lear Next up, somebody new from me (well not on blog before) Mel Coles, Mel covers sky 958-960 NWT to EMT during the morning, lunchtimes. I just never before got round to Mel, but maybe in blogtober, its easier trying to do it every day. I am going to finish with Kate Kinsella. This is South East Today forecast from this morning, thankfully Scotland isnt getting all this rain, which a large amount south of here is. On other telly I enjoyed the return of Homeland on Channel 4, the last normal Mock The Week and Smackdown. I am also glad NCIS Los Angeles and Hawaii 5-0 is back next Sunday. So I hope we all have a good day today and see you tomorrow.