Thursday, 16 October 2014

Blogtober day 16

I was going to do Jackie Bird through the years but Reporting Scotland 6.30 edition is not on i player.

I will save the Claire Stewart caps until tomorrow.

Yesterday after I did my blog I went to Ayr and bought a halloween costume from Matalan. I also listened to Shane Filan album on bus and it's ok. Nice and quiet.

I noticed this sign next to Ayr racecourse 

For 18th-20th September 2014. I think they might need put down now.

Last night I got Cumnock Chronicle (another 2 pages of rugby) and spoke to some friends. I got up around 7.30 this morning and went to Catrine.

I was talking to a friend and had a coffee. So that's what I have been upto. I hope you don't mind today's blog. It sometimes takes 2 hours to do these.

See you Friday.