Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Blogtober day 15

Well its Wednesday now, last night I watched Poland vs Scotland football. at half time I tweeted "i'll settle for 1-1 full time. Well Scotland took the lead 2-1 "yyyyaaaassss" then "grrr 2-2" So we finished 2-2, I thought we needed a third goal, but a draw is good. Now while I was doing all this lots of Ladies in Scotland were busy. Lets start with Jane Lewis prior to game Next up Gillian Smart on BBC Scotland Weather A bit of a sidetrack but to East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire and Kate Sweeting who I havent seen in ages. Now to Claire Stewart on Scotland Tonight again. Now I was looking for some pictures on football, so I went to Reporting Scotland late news and it was presented by Catriona Shearer. With the news Nicola Sturgeon is only candidate for Leader of SNP (not that I am commenting on that) I have a feeling news will be talking about this today. A friend of mine, Michael has a blog on his opinions on UK politics. Bye for today.