Friday, 10 October 2014

Blogtober day 10

Well we reach Friday and Blogtober Day 10 I will start with Sally Magnusson on Reporting Scotland Next up Sarah Cruickshank doing the lunchtime weather. Following this I did some BBC World News with Kasia Madera. I did a blog post last year and Kasia and Geeta were on it. It is my most read posting with over 700 views, so i decided to do some Kasia. To finish some Joanna Gosling, I was watching BBC News at midday and suddenly saw a empty chair, so got out ipad and started capping. There was a technical difficulty.I did a few extra after reporting scotland as well. Well thats all the caps for today. I see Cumnock RFC 1st team are heading to Loch Lomond Saturday and 11.45 meet, so you might see a blog after midnight tonight and Sunday I am at Ardrossan with the minis. I also bought a ticket for Scotland V Tonga today at rugby park, Kilmarnock for Saturday 22nd November. If I dont see you have a good weekend.