Thursday, 9 October 2014

blogtober day 9

Well David Ferrer just beat Andy Murray so I am earlier. Lets start with STV Glasgow and Storm Huntley doing the weather. The next programme not surprisingly is the Riverside Show with Jennifer Reoch and David Farrell. Now its the STV Appeal - The Big One tonight and an auction you can bid for is to present The Riverside Show, check this link for more details. If you dont want to bid for presenting, check out the programme at 7.15pm. Next up I move national again. I noticed I had not capped Sophie Raworth in ages, so I corrected that. Next up is Branwen Jeffreys BBC Health Correspondent To finish I had woke up at 5.35am this morning (I did go back to sleep) and saw Sally Bundock on our televisions again. and thats me, see you tomorrow.