Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tuesday 29th July

Well this morning I got up at 5.25am to goto Hampden for athletics.

Did a video as well http://youtu.be/p9l6OYjnP8o

I got the shuttle bus from Buchanan Bus Station there and was 10 minutes from getting off bus, to seat. It was great.

The cheeseburgers are rubbish though, I had 2 bites and stopped.

I went to get bus 1.35pm back to Glasgow. When I got back I decided I was going to check out @bbcthequay (John Mackay said "whit"). I watched drop and roll tour, they are great. Then went to Dj/beatbox/cooking master class, thanks to bbc Asian network. I watched some big screen before heading back to Glasgow City Centre. It was a good time (sorry John).

I just got home after 10.15pm, don't ask me how I've done that.

Bye for now.