Sunday, 27 July 2014

Saturday 26th July 2014

So yesterday I was going to Rugby 7s at Ibrox at #glasgow2014, so I started with getting my gear on

So got 7.30am bus to Glasgow, getting near central train station and saw Bobby Horton, our president. My bus was quiet but train was standing room only.

Went down to Merchant City but nothing was on yet, so I headed up and got to George Square, where I took this picture.

So I headed round to Nelson Mandella place after passing big q's to get on subway at queen street. I headed up to Buchanan bus station to get shuttle bus and signs outside main entrance said go outside building, but then the signs stop. I went under tunnel and I wasn't the only one like, where are we going. I went back across to bus station by crossing road (thankfully road was quiet) and got directed to normal place at end of bus station. Got on bus and we were away fairly quickly. Got to Ibrox shuttle bus stop and we got moved by staff and clydesiders to Ibrox, coming out subway was busy. So after emptying pockets got through security and headed to Copeland Road stand. Found my seat and got sausage baguette and irn bru (£5.50), that took about 10 minutes. Went to my seat.

The proposal on pitch was great. Des Clarke was a good host. Now Scotland were on 1.56pm, plenty of games before it. Scotland nearly did it only getting beat 17-14

That's when we score in a try. So after this I saw a few people leaving, but not many when ibrox was quite full, so I headed out.

There was about 6 buses to take people back and barriers were being put up to direct passengers. It was about 5 minutes standing about until we got on a bus.

Headed over back to bus station, then I went for a walk back to Merchant City. I went into revolution, that was a bit wierd. I went along Buchanan street, it was great, busy. I've never seen it as busy, it was starting to small shower and I headed over to Central train station. There was an Auchinleck train at 16:12, so got ticket and headed for some food. I got train fairly quickly with a seat, it was 4 carriages.

Got back to Auchinleck just after 5.00pm and got lift home, it was raining now.

I got home and watched more sport. Rugby 7s was on bbc3 and there is about 30 second delay on I player on iPad, so I could cap it, so I did these in Scotland's 2nd game.

Scotland won against Barbados easily so I wanted to see final game around 9.00pm. I was too nervous to cap this (I was shouting at telly) and Scotland beat Canada.

So after that I went out. Today I am watching quarter final at 1.12 then going to head back to Glasgow.

Bye for now.