Monday, 28 July 2014

Sunday 27 July 2014

Firstly a big thank you to the 130 page views last week to all the visitors to my blog. Hope it's a bit different to what your used to, being telly some days and all the stuff with Commonwealth Games at the moment, so thanks. Also thank you to all the new and old people following me on twitter @thomasc1973 so the ones I didn't know used twitter even Donald McCrorie. So Saturday night I had fun in pubs in Cumnock after watching end of rugby on telly. Sunday I got up and watched even more rugby on telly and caught up with Jennifer Reoch on STV Glasgow Riverside Show beat, Colin, Storm and David. Watched some rugby 7s on telly after that and South Africa beat Scotland in Quarter Final. Well done to South Africa on winning gold medal, maybe if we had beat New Zealand when we had the chance, maybe Scotland would have got further and an easier draw. So 2.00 ready with Scotland Rugby Jumper and Cumnock RFC polo shirt I went for bus, I missed it. So I got some munchies from shop and got taxi to Auchinleck Train Station. A train suppose to arrive 2.38pm arrived 2.50pm. Saw ticket inspector after Kilmarnock. Got to Glasgow Central and it was busy so walked upto The Glasgow Royal Concert hall to take a photo, among others So headed for Ibrox bus, that was easy. Got there and was a bit of a queue, not like Saturday/ I got in and had been through security. I discovered my spare battery for phone wasnt on me at security check, maybe I left it at home (I had not). I must have lost it in transit, so last night I ordered another one on Amazon. £6.95 3-5 day delivery. I took an instagram video Then my phone started dying. Scotland got beat by England, even though Mark Bennett scored a try. I went to go and eat something, but queue wasnt moving. I didnt really want to get home 2.00am so I left 7.45pm to get buses about 10.00pm so I went to walkabout after a walk. So thats Sunday, today is a Cumnock day before Hampden tomorrow morning for athletics. Bye for now.