Monday, 4 July 2011

blah time

Well what can we say today.

Some of you may have seen before I put jokes on my blog (ive had to stop now).

1 of the suppliers of jokes is called Elizabeth. Unfortunately her husband has went into hospital because he had a second stroke, within a year. Last year when I was in hospital for all that time they visited me, gave me stuff, were great mates. I could say there wasn't that many visitors when the last stay in hospital was 5 weeks. But as we say it's more sorted now.

I hope he can get better soon. I hope the next time I can speak to them it's better news.

Right that is the depressing bit by.

I did watch most of the matches Andy Murray played in. He played the best he could but Rafa was better. Unfortunately for Rafa, Novak was better than him.

I know lots of my friends who watch as much news (if not more) didn't like the fact the regional news was being cut. Now Tgoat (who I talk to on twitter and currentbuns) has a view on it.

On this I can feel sorry for The BBC deciding to put tennis on BBC1 but I don't agree on everything with him.

There is certain presenters and weather presenters I do cap, which this person wouldn't. Even if me capping Wendy Hurrell when looking down did cause a few problems when that wouldn't be a problem. That isn't the cap I decided to put on here.

So what else have I been doing. Well the 2010 - 2011 season has finished at Cumnock rugby club. Fortunately for me the work for pre-season for 50th anniversary season is already going. The senior training starts on 9th July with training and players meeting. Expect your phonecall guys.

Also Rodger, Jim and me won play your cards right. Me and Jim paid our social memberships. That was good.

I have also met the guys at twitayr. That was fun as well. For the record i paid £32 for taxi from Ayr to Cumnock (not £40 like last time). We had won the quiz as well. I seem my knowledge does have some uses.

Technology. After 5 weeks without a iphone I got insurance paid and now have an android phone. I was getting slightly bored with iphones. My current phone nearly does everything the iphone did and yes I am a heavy user.

Now the cinema stuff. I have seen "bad teacher". If it was called bad that would tell you how bad it is.

I just saw Transformers 3. I only went to 2d version because I don't like glasses on top of my glasses.

Today I had a induction into Visions Gym. That was better than expected.

Tomorrow looks like rain again and this is the first full week of scottish school holidays.

See you later.