Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Hello guys, I am sorry I enflicted the pictures of my parents yesterday. It was the easiest way to put them up, even if my sister didn't want to see those online.

Right now the boring stuff I have noticed.

It is JT and WMCc birthday today. William is a good man and its been a number of weeks since i saw him. Hope he gets some fun soon.

JT I hope enjoys his weekend away from the pre-season start at Cumnock RFC.

I went the walk around Cumnock today at 10am. Round the north side of Cumnock for an hour. It was OK even though I didn't walk at my usual pace. Holby City was good last night as usual. Yes I watch that but not Casualty.

The last series of Smallville is on E4 and it was a good laugh last night, even if we know where it is going.

I even went to the quiz at the royal Bar last night. All the usual people for our team were there. 1 team won the £163 play your cards right in first round. Well done. We were 3rd. Joint first was 2 points in front. There isn't a lot I can say about that. I am also glad I havent seen a lot of rain today. On the telly front I couldn't see anything I wanted to deal with.

Oh and pitchero say the new fixtures should be available in 48 hours to scottish and welsh clubs, which is good.