Friday, 4 November 2011

Warning, funny adult video

Right I have kept this area clean for a while, but this video is funny.

Tookiebunten (go visit his site here)

Tookie put this on google+ (I have 37 people who circle on my google+

So I know I have done jokes for a while, but in this case, you have been warned. I understand 95% of it myself.

Right other stuff I have been doing, well tomorrow the 1st XV goto play Isle of Mull, so I have been checking what we can do in Oban while we are around there and trying to make sure everyone knows what time we are leaving (its early).

So I hope Sean Batty gives us a good weather forecast for Saturday

Now unfortunately Sean wont get posted to currentbunsuk where I do other ones,
Thats Eleanor Bradford and Stefani Dailly, go to the site (hopefully) to get more.

My last reminder for today is have a great fireworks weekend (wherever you go to see them and keep safe) and dont forget all my sites that I have something admin to do with (not telly) are on my QR code.

Bye for now.