Friday, 30 December 2011

followfriday for 2011

Now I am doing a special followfriday blog for all the people who you really should follow. Firstly I am going to start with Fatbuzz, apart from their outtake video they have taught me a lot about social media including facebook, twitter which I use in all the organisations I use. I even have 2 QR codes for my facets, pity not many people read them. So even though I haven’t done the breakfast in a while I still do listen. So you can thank them for my other projects with CumnockRFC and CumnockTCs. Threefromleith gives me great tunes from a whole load of sources and Grant’s stories and quite good. They must take him some time to script. His podcasts sound nothing like my youtube videos or audioboos/soundclouds. Keep up the good work Grant. I finish the podcasts with thethumbcast who are funny, generally talk sense. BUT it is not for children. Now the first person you should follow who freely gives advice out and has a couple of thousand followers but still answers people, tourscotland. Sandy is the best. I used to list jokes on my blog but after some advice I do not. My blog is slightly more child friendly. If you want to know anything about Scotland Sandy probably knows the answer, or someone who does. The only celebrity I know really listens to my alternative point of view is John Mackay from STV News. As you will discover I cap several female presenters on currentbunsuk website but I nearly never get replies from any of them. John embraced social media even more this year and I get replies quite a lot, as much as my other followers. So Mr Anchorman thank you. Unfortunately for John Current Buns is for women. The next logical step is currentbuns. Back at the start of the year after I had got sky and years of seeing these caps and asked tgoatcapper (Michael) how I should do it. I did plan to buy a dvd recorder so I can put them on DVDs and cap from there, but I never got round to that. So I basically (much to some derision of some friends) I take videos from iplayer/stvplayer/youtube and make stills of them. So that is why I was classified as the New Scottish one who does BBC London (which is live) and Scotland. I realise Tgoat does a lot of other areas and his quality is a lot better so mine wouldn’t be used. It also helped (me) when BBC London changed it format and got travel and weather done by same person in mornings, which not everyone likes. I would talk about some of the people I cap, but I don’t think they will read this anyway. There would be 1 exception to the above being Hannah Bayman who is a weather presenter/reporter in Newcastle and has in the past replied to me. It was Paul Mooney I met when I bought the Look North CIN calendar. Martin who runs the site must get bored with me tweeting him I have caps of a particular person. I have never met the guys, but there 2 of the best I know. One other thing Tgoat runs a blog as well, which drives quite a lot of traffic to my blog, so thank you again. Now one of the things I like to do is interacting with others, that is where by #ff is based. I like replies to tweets. To that end the Ayrshire massive get some mentions. Acw86 _Alexham Weeyin13 Sunnythesurf Tookiebunten (and a bit further) EmployedJo Thank you. There is a pile others I know I have forgot, I know that, my apologies. I hope you all out there have a great Hogmanay, mines looks as if it will include a lot of Cumnock RFC stuff. There is also a pile of people I know as mates out there that have started using twitter, but I want to see how they get on with it. Bye from me the now. So if you don’t follow me I am Thomasc1973 on twitter, but I will check if you just try to sell me stuff (the accounts on locked), I am picky now.