Monday, 7 November 2011

The weekend

Hello, well I will start here: thats the fireworks I saw Sunday night in Cumnock at Murray Park at 6.30pm, if you follow me on twitter the grass had less people on it than at the roadside beside Caponacre. Right so I went to Isle of Mull on Saturday with Cumnock RFC. The Oban fireworks was the night before, so we couldnt miss them. Cumnocks fireworks were 30 minutes but I wasnt filming that much, I wanted to enjoy them. I aint going to talk result. Today I took a trip down to ENGLAND, Carlisle. The BBC Look North children in need calendar is for sale and Paul Mooney was selling them in centre of Carlisle, so I headed down on train to buy 1 from Auchinleck.
Now I think Paul is about 5ft 8, 5ft 10in. I am 6ft 3 so I had a height advantage, I am the bloke that came from Auchinleck in Ayrshire, if he can remember big 30 something me. I forgot to get a picture with him. So if I can travel to Carlisle then probably the rest of you can buy one online at this link. Right thats the sale pitch over. I also took a few photos when I was in Carlisle
and now we are home. Now tonight is my mini/midi committee meeting at 7pm, so I had better disapear, tomorrow I am away to Prestwick, after watching WWE Raw.