Wednesday, 1 December 2010


This hasn't been too bad a week. I know the East coast of Scotland has had a lot of snow. Well done to Tour Scotland showing whats happening around here (including getting me to take pictures when I had just started my dinner tonight, I turned it off).
, good
I got the email from o2 saying your phone bill is there. After 2/3 minutes of not being able to login I got to my screen. I had to pay a deposit for my iphone and December is when I get it back. So it was covered my mobile bill. Thats good. With the news on esa this week, thats a good week.

I also get my Christmas bonus next week.

Thursday it's physio at noon. The apprentice wasn't bad tonight, I thouoght the boys would lose, but they were great negotiators. Laura had to go out the girls.

Sunday has now been cleared as the mini rugby isn't at Cumnock Academy Astroturf on now. I hope you are all getting ready for christmas, still got a bit to do.