Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Update time

Hello everyone just a quick blog today.

Last Friday I had not a lot to my name. On the Saturday I expected about £240 in the bank. You will all remember my good news from last week but this changed a few things.

I moved into a different category which meant I didn't need a doctors line and it gave a difference in the benefit I get. This was backdated the change. Suddenly I am checking my balance on the phone and think what is this for. So I headed to bank in Ayr that was open Saturday to see what the payment was for. I got there 10am went into branch and got the detail I needed as the post that was sent 1st December hadn't been here.

So I decided after confirming what it was to do some Christmas shopping. I had done some planning already who and what I was getting although I forgot to pick up the sheet. I was also glad there was no frost in Ayr. I went to boots, got a lot of people. I was thinking about Carol and her present and I saw her. That was fun. I told her what had happened. She was pleased. After she disappeared I got her present.

After that I bought some cards and went home. I was home for midday.

I had phoned my sister Sally and sorted out what was happening and I got a kilt hired for Sally's renewal of wedding vows from Kennys of Cumnock. I have finished my christmas shopping.

Saturday night I had fun, lets say no more. Mary was the worst singer on Xfactor last week. I still like Matt and Rebecca. I have discovered Yeo Valley (the advert) is releasing a single on itunes. I might buy it. I did buy Take Thats album. I was honestly expecting better.

I am also glad Ann Widdecombe is out of Strictly.

Sunday wasn't bad. Harry Reilly the mini/midi president had is birthday that day. I saw him that day. I even took a youtube video to show all the people in the gym how to keep it clean.

My cousin Davids birthday was Saturday but I got dinner on Sunday and watched some football at his bit after I had visited Mum and Andy.

Monday I was out in the morning. I am glad I went out early because the constant freezing hasn't helped getting around. Pavements arent getting gritted.

I just caught up with telly as a meeting was cancelled in the evening.

Yesterday I just went down to Cumnock again after watching WWE Raw from night before.

I was at the quiz last night as well. The Plamphs won (us). Not that I got to give many answers.